The Plan will not provide coverage for the following:

1. Injury sustained or Sickness contracted while in service of the Armed Forces of any country, except as specifically provided. Upon the Insured Person entering the Armed Forces of any
country, We will refund the unearned pro-rata premium to such Insured Person;

2. Illness, Accident, treatment or medical condition arising out of the play or practice of or traveling in conjunction with intercollegiate sports and professional sports except as specifically provided;

3. Cosmetic surgery, except as the result of covered Injury occurring while this Policy is in force as to the Insured Person. This exclusion shall also not apply to cosmetic surgery which is
reconstructive surgery when such service is incidental to or follows surgery resulting from trauma, infection or other disease of the involved body part, and reconstructive surgery because of congenital disease or anomaly of a covered Dependent child which has resulted in a functional defect;

4. Injury or Sickness for which benefits are paid under any Workers’ Compensation or ccupational disease Law;

5. Injury or Sickness resulting from declared or undeclared war; or any act thereof;

6. Charges for treatment of any Injury or Sickness due to an Insured Person's commission of, or attempt to commit a felony, or a crime which would be considered a felony if prosecuted;

7. Injury due to participation in a riot;

8. For services, supplies or treatment, including any period of Hospital Confinement, which were not recommended, approved and certified as necessary and reasonable by a Doctor; or expenses non-medical in nature;

9. Expenses incurred in connection with family planning, the enhancement of fertility, fertility tests, correction of infertility, in-vitro fertilization, artificial insemination, and services or supplies for inducing conception;

10. Expense incurred for: tubal ligation; vasectomy; breast implants; breast reduction; sexual reassignment surgery; impotence (organic or otherwise); non-cystic acne; nonprescription
birth control; submucus resection and/or other surgical correction for deviated nasal septum, other than for required treatment of acute purulent sinusitis; circumcision; gynecomastia; hirsutism; and learning disabilities or disorders or Attention Deficit Disorder;

11. Expenses incurred in connection with a voluntary sterilization procedure or any sterilization reversal process;

12. Expenses incurred for transsexual surgery or any treatment leading to or in connection with transsexual surgery;

13. Expense incurred for eye examinations or prescriptions, eyeglasses, and contact lenses (except for sclera shells which are intended for use of corneal bandages), eye refractions, vision
therapy, multiphasic testing, or lasix or other vision procedures except as required for repair caused by a covered Injury. This exclusion does not apply to any benefits specifically provided;

14. Treatment provided in a governmental Hospital unless there is a legal obligation to pay such charges in the absence of insurance;

15. Expense incurred for any service, treatment or supply for the diagnosis or treatment of sexual dysfunction (including erectile dysfunction). This includes, but is not limited to, drugs except
as noted, laboratory and x-ray tests, counseling, transsexual procedures or penile prostheses necessary due to any medical condition or organic disease. A penile prosthesis will be eligible
for payment only after prostate surgery;

16. Alternative health care, including (but not limited to) acupuncture, except as specifically provided, acupressure, biofeedback, reflexology, and rolfing type services.

This insurance does not apply to the extent that trade or economic sanctions or other laws or regulations prohibit the Company from providing insurance, including, but not limited to, the payment of claims.