Deductible and Co-Insurance

The deductible is $500 per person, per Plan year for In-Network Charges / $1000 per person, per Plan year for Out-of-Network Charges.

After the deductible is met, Benefits will be paid at 80% of the Maximum Allowable for services rendered by Preferred Providers in the Cigna Network. Services obtained by Out-of-Network providers (any provider outside the Cigna Network) will be paid at 50% of Usual and Customary Charges.

The deductible will be taken from the first bills submitted to the insurance for covered expenses. The deductible may be met with charges from a combination of providers: physicians, hospital, lab, etc.

Maximum Payment for You and for Each Dependent

Unlimited benefit amount per policy year.

Total Family Deductible

The total deductible for a family shall be three individual deductibles.

Carryover of Deductible

If during the last 90 days of the plan year, an insured person incurs eligible expenses which were applied to his or her deductible, such expenses will also be applied to his or her deductible for the following plan year.

Individual Out of Pocket Maximum Expense Limit

The most you will have to pay out of pocket is $6, 350.00