Influenza Vaccine- Flu Shot Important Notice

The viruses that cause influenza change often. Because of this, influenza vaccine (flu shot) is updated each year by replacing at least one of the vaccine viruses with a newer one.

The Student Health Center will be conducting Flu Shot Clinics at various locations on campus this fall, to facilitate students, faculty and staff receiving the flu vaccine. Watch for additional details about the date, times and locations of these clinics.

It is extremely important that all persons at risk for getting a serious case of influenza or complications get the vaccine. The people at HIGHEST RISK include:

  • Anyone who has a serious long-term health problem with:
    • heart disease
    • lung disease
    • asthma
    • kidney disease
    • metabolic disease, such as diabetes
    • anemia, and other blood disorders
  • Anyone whose immune system is weakened because of:
    • HIV/AIDS or other diseases that affect the immune system
    • Long-term treatment with drugs such as steroids
    • Cancer treatment with x-rays or other drugs

It should also be noted that student and staff at schools and colleges should receive the vaccine (flu shot) to prevent outbreaks.

Flu vaccines are the #1 way to prevent the flu. Stop into the health center today for your free flu vaccine. The health center is a walk in clinic, so you don't need an appointment, just come in at your convenience!

No clinics scheduled at this time - stay tuned for flu vaccine clinic dates!

State of Colorado Employee 2014 Flu Shot Information
Employees and dependents covered under the State medical insurance plans can receive their flu shots at no cost. Please visit the UNC Human Resource website at for further details.