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For questions regarding your immunization record, for assistance locating immunization records or if you would like a copy of your records that you have previously provided to UNC contact Deb Miller @ 970-351-1919 or email

The State of Colorado Immunizations Law (C.R.S. 25-4-901) requires all students to submit proof of immunizations. Students must submit immunization records prior to registering for classes at UNC. Students will not be allowed to register until after they have submitted a completed immunization record. You may email your record to or fax your record to 970-351-3234. You may also drop it off at Cassidy Hall or mail it to: UNC 501 20th St. Campus Box 46 Greeley CO 80639 - Attention Deb Miller

CDPHE Board of Health Rule for School Required Immunizations.


All students: College students who were born after January 1, 1957, must show proof of two MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella) vaccines, the first administered no earlier than 4 days before the first birthday, and the second at least 28 calendar days after the first dose.

All students living on campus: 2 MMR vaccines and a Meningitis vaccine within the last three years (you may decline the meningitis vaccine but may be subject to exclusion from campus in the event of an outbreak).

Clinical Athletic Training Students: 2 MMR's, 3 Hepatitis B vaccines or positive titer,, 2 Varicella vaccines or a positive titer, Tdap (Tetanus with Pertusis) and a recent TB test.

Nursing Students: 2 MMR's, 3 Hepatitis B vaccines, 2 Varicella vaccines or a positive titer, Tdap (Tetanus with Pertusis) and a recent TB test.

CDC Recommended Immunizations for Adults

The most effective way to prevent the flu is to get your flu shot!

Flu vaccines for students will be available sometime in September. Flu vaccine clinics will be posted.

The State of Colorado requires a Meningitis vaccine given within the last 3 -5 years, for all students living in student housing.
For all other University students the Meningitis vaccine is highly recommended.

If you are a Freshman living in student housing, you must acknowledge that you have received the vaccine. If you have elected not to have the vaccine, you must still read and acknowledge that you understand the risks of non- vaccination when you complete your housing contract.

Meningococcal Meningitis can cause death or amputation in as little as 24 hours and is highly contagious. College student are at highest risk for contracting Meningitis. Immunization can reduce your risk. Additional information about this disease is available online at the CDC website or contact your family physician for advice.

The CDC and The American College Health Association recommend a Meningitis booster for all College students if it has been three or more years since your last dose.

NEW MENINGITIS B VACCINE - The FDA recently approved a new meningitis vaccine that covers serogroup B Neisseria Meningitis. Currently it is not on the list of routine vaccinations but will be in the future. For more information on this vaccine and it's recommendatios, visit the Center for Disease Control website at:

Certificate of Immunizations

Submit your completed Immunization record to:

UNC Immunizations Office
501 20th St
Campus Box 46
Greeley, CO 80639

Drop off: Cassidy Hall, first floor

email to:

fax to: (970) 351-3234 or (970) 351-2427

For questions regarding immunization requirements, please contact Deb Miller at: (970) 351-1919 .