General Information

You are encouraged to use the Health Service when you are ill or have health questions. We are here to keep you as healthy as possible, so we encourage you to make your health a priority and seek care in the early stages of an illness, and to follow advice given by Health Center professionals. The Student Health Center Medical Clinic accepts and bills most all insurance companies. When you come in, just bring your personal insurance card, present it at the time of your visit along with a photo ID, and pay your co-pay if you have one, just as you would at your own doctor's office.

The Student Health Center staff includes medical assistants, nurse practitioners, and physicians from the local community. The Student Health Center Medical Clinic is usually a busy place, so you should walk-in as early in the day as possible in order to get the care you need.

We hope you will take advantage of your health services. If you have questions, call (970) 351-2412 or come and see us. We urge you to utilize the services of the hospital emergency room only when you truly have a medical emergency. One of the local Urgent Care facilities off campus is generally a less expensive alternative when the Student Health Center Medical Clinic is closed.. Health care obtained off campus is at the student's expense.