RSS Feeds available for UNC

We're pleased to offer some RSS feeds from university events that you might find useful.

What is RSS?

Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary are both used to describe the acronym. In either case, RSS is a means of delivering and displaying information to users with time-based distribution. For instance, you can see headlines of a news service as they are published.

What information does UNC offer in RSS feeds?

Currently we are offering four feeds. You can receive:

How do I read them?

There are three basic ways of receiving the feeds and reading them:

  • Online Readers, like Google Reader
  • Some browsers (like FireFox and Safari) offer integrated RSS Readers
  • Download a separate program


The following suggestions are all free. Commercial applications that do more are also available. Note: These applications are not supported by the Technical Support Center.

Online Readers

Windows New Readers

Mac News Readers

  • NetNewsWire Lite
  • AmphetaDesk (versions for Mac OS 9, Mac OS 10.2 [Jaguar], Mac OS 10.3 [Panther])
  • BottomFeeder (versions for Mac OS 9, Mac OS 10)
  • If you're using Safari 2.0 (Mac OS X 1.4.x, "Tiger"), you can read RSS feeds directly. Click on the link for one of our feeds below and you'll see the RSS. You can bookmark those and add them to a bookmark folder or put them in your Bookmarks Bar.