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Region VIII Technical Assistance and Continuing Education (TACE) Center Awarded to UNC/CTAT


We are located in Greeley, Colorado at the University of Northern Colorado, within the College of Natural and Health Sciences and School of Human Sciences.

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TACE Region 8 has a new address online. Please visit us at http://www.taceregion8.com.

Region VIII TACE Center Awarded to UNC/CTAT

The University of Northern Colorado and Center for Technical Assistance and Training (CTAT) are proud to announce that we have been chosen to receive the Technical Assistance and Continuing Education (TACE) award from the Rehabilitation Services Administration for the 2008-2013 term. This project establishes a Region VIII TACE Center, whose mission is to provide a broad integrated sequence of technical assistance (TA) and continuing education (CE) activities that focus on meeting recurrent and common training and organizational development needs for State VR agencies and their partners.  We will work to continue and expand services to State (VR) agencies, Community Rehabilitation Programs (CRPs), Centers for Independent Living (CILs), Client Assistance Programs (CAPs), American Indian Rehabilitation Programs (AIRs), Migrant and Seasonal Farmworker Programs (MSFWs), and other partners in the six state region. This collaborative project will bring together the staff, experience, resources, and established networks to work toward our shared purpose: to promote the employment of people with disabilities by providing quality TA and CE to State VR agencies and their partners in Region VIII. This unique partnership of academic, governmental, and community expertise ensures a broad base of knowledge and networks necessary to effectively deliver TA and CE and support the mission of the State-Federal Rehabilitation Program to enhance employment outcomes, independent functioning, and quality of life for people with disabilities.

We expect that there will be a brief start up period required to make the TACE Center fully operational but please contact us if you have immediate needs. Thank you for your continued partnership and we look forward to working with you in the future.



Scott Sabella

University of Northern Colorado


Gayann Brandenburg



This Site

This site will provide information to rehabilitation professionals, organizations, and educators, as well as consumers of rehabilitation services. It is our intent to be a useful resource for the rehabilitation community.

Our Mission

The mission of the Region VIII Rehabilitation Continuing Education Program at the University of Northern Colorado is to maximize quality training and development opportunities for employed rehabilitation personnel in Region VIII so that they may continue to acquire knowledge, skills and competencies in order to more effectively and efficiently increase quality employment and independent living.

Image of Regional Disability Programs Montana State Resources North Dakota State Resources South Dakota State Resources Wyoming State Resources Utah State Office of Rehabilitation Colorado Division Of Vocational Rehabilitation Click on the state that you want information for regarding regional disability programs

Our Program

Our program provides post-employment staff development services to state Vocational Rehabilitation Agencies, Independent Living Centers, Client Assistance Programs, American Indian Vocational Rehabilitation agencies, and Migrant and Seasonal Farm Workers Projects throughout a six state region. Colorado, Montana, North Dakota,  South Dakota, Utah, and Wyoming are the states that comprise Federal Region VIII. The RCEP has been in existence since its inception in 1974.

What We Do:

* Face to face training

* Video Conferences (satellite television feeds
  to a location near you)

* Desktop training opportunities (from your
  own computer workstation)

* Online discussion boards and chat rooms

* Asynchronous, self-directed training modules on a variety of rehabilitation related topics

* Materials development and dissemination

Please click on Training Activities for upcoming events. For more information on the self-directed module series, click on Training Modules.


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