Workshop Testimonials

Stacy Cutrono

Stacy Cutrono, MS, CES

“As a graduate student interested in the use of exercise in the cancer population I was excited to learn that the Rocky Mountain Cancer Rehabilitation Institute had been working with cancer survivors for over a decade.  Cancer survivors have unique and varied physical conditions throughout and following their cancer treatment and it is challenging to work with a variety of cancer survivors with no formal training.  The week-long workshop was an excellent opportunity to learn about safety issues, facility considerations and the overall application of fitness among cancer survivors.  The entire training staff of RMCRI, from Dr. Schneider, to the graduate students, to each individual cancer exercise specialist were welcoming, helpful, informative and willing to answer any question.  Throughout the week, lectures were peppered with personal experiences of difficult cases and scenarios.  As a group we had the opportunity to practice both exercise testing and prescription for multiple case studies.  The training I received from RMCRI gave me the confidence to apply my knowledge of exercise physiology and physical activity promotion to the cancer clients I currently work with.  I am deeply appreciative of the opportunity I had to take part in RMCRI workshop.”

Stacy Cutrono, MS, CES
Exercise Specialist
Integrative Medicine
Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center
University of Miami Miller School of Medicine
Phone:  305-243-7377


Bob Wolfe“As a 36 year cancer survivor and Personal Trainer, my workshop experience at RMCRI was invaluable. I was able to take my personal experience with cancer coupled with my certification as a Personal Trainer and through new found knowledge gained from the workshop, I have been able to apply this to my Health and Wellness career beyond measure. Since attending RMCRI I have worked with a number of client’s pre, current, and post cancer treatment. The reason I got into this field was to give back what has been given to me. My experience with my clients has been so rewarding, especially when we are able to see their growth and accomplishments physically.   The knowledge I gained at the workshop has been rewarding to me and the people I am able to reach with cancer. The staff at RMCRI is so helpful and knowledgeable; I highly recommend RMCRI’s Cancer Workshop to further your career in the Health and Wellness field.”

Certified Cancer Exercise Specialist
Owner of F.I.T. Solutions
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