Survivor Stories

Bonnie Dean

“I am so grateful for this innovative program and its wonderful trainers. In addition to reduced physical fatigue, it gave me a tremendous boost to be able to participate in the fight against my disease during chemotherapy and radiation – a time when many of us feel so helpless.”

Bonnie Dean


"What a privilege it is to be a part of such a tremendous program offered at RMCRI. The trainers and staff are caring and truly interested in encouraging, helping and giving hope to those of us who are battling cancer. The exercise program has not only been instrumental in helping me physically, but mentally as well. I am appreciative of the support I have received."

Tamara Thompson


"Thanks to the wonderful staff and trainers for the care and treatment for my recovery.  I am gaining strength and my balance has improved.  I am grateful to have access to visit your fine facility."

Clayton Spitler



"Having cancer woke me up to the importance of a healthy lifestyle, and RMCRI is helping me achieve that goal.  The trainers are very professional, personable, and fun to work with.  They have gently nudged me to do more than I thought I was capable of doing.  The result is that I have gained strength and have more energy.  RMCRI also gave me the opportunity to participate in a study.  It feels good to contribute to the body of research that will help future cancer patients."  Shan Watkins


"RMCRI came into my life when I was at my greatest depth of despair physically and emotionally with throat cancer.  Not only did they design a workout that is recovering my strength but their tireless, positive attitude helped me to heal the depression and uncertainty of daily existence.  This is definitely what I needed to get back a good portion of a positive quality of life." 

David Lekander