Survivor Stories

  • Bonnie Dean“I am so grateful for this innovative program and its wonderful trainers. In addition to reduced physical fatigue, it gave me a tremendous boost to be able to participate in the fight against my disease during chemotherapy and radiation – a time when many of us feel so helpless.”Bonnie Dean
  • Gordon McIver“I cannot believe what this program does for people. I was in a wheelchair when I came to the Rocky Mountain Cancer Rehabilitation Institute, but I’m mobile now! This program gave me a lot of hope for the future.”Gordon McIver
  • Carolyn Housden“I feel extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to be involved with the Rocky Mountain Cancer Rehabilitation Institute. It has been both physically and mentally helpful for me during my recovery from breast cancer.”Carolyn Housden
  • Deb Austin“Rocky Mountain Cancer Rehab was very instrumental in my battle with and recovery from breast cancer. The exercise program prescribed during my chemotherapy and radiation definitely decreased fatigue and increased endurance during my recovery process. I came to know the trainers as professional and caring individuals who enhanced my mental outlook as I physically battled the disease. They have even now become part of my extended family and are part of the reason I am blessed as a ‘Survivor’.”Deb Austin