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The Rocky Mountain Cancer Rehabilitation Institute (RMCRI) is the only comprehensive cancer rehabilitation facility of its kind. The Institute provides individualized prescriptive exercise in the recovery of cancer treatment-related symptoms. RMCRI offers a 4-phase program that consists of one-on-one training, 2-3 sessions per week, for approximately 60 minutes per session. A typical session will focus on cardiovascular exercise, followed by resistance training with balance incorporated throughout, and concluding with flexibility training and light stretching. Each program is individualized to fit our clients’ needs and goals. Following an initial assessment at RMCRI, clients will be assigned to a specific Phase of Rehabilitation based on their treatment status and their placement on the cancer continuum.

The free exercise assessment portion of our program is a benefit that is included with the first three months of training with no additional cost. This full array of physical and psychological assessments is valued at well over $150. Additionally, similar reassessments will be performed following every three months of training and are free with participation in the program. These periodic follow-up assessments will allow clients to track their recovery and provide valuable information in the formulation of an individualized exercise prescription.

Program components:

  • Medical and cancer history evaluation
  • Fitness assessment
  • Development of individualized exercise and dietary prescriptions
  • Individualized exercise intervention programs supervised by trained Cancer Exercise Specialists
  • Periodic follow-up assessments

For more detailed information about the program, download our RMCRI Program Brochure

For information on how to participate in a research study please contact us.

How to Access Services:

  1. A referral is required from either your oncologist or primary care physician.
  2. Call the institute to schedule an appointment at (970) 351-1876.
  3. Information will be sent to you to complete before your scheduled appointment.


Recent News:

RMCRI was recently featured on the CW Channel 2 news program, Colorado's Best! Our own client, Sandra Gessert was interviewed and shared her experience with RMCRI. Click here to view the segment!

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