Participate in a Study

Study Title:  Oxidative Stress Alterations Following and Exercise Intervention in Cancer Survivors

Prinicple Investigator:  Chris Repka, MS

The Rocky Mountain Cancer Rehabilitation Institute (RMCRI) is seeking participants for a 12-week study investigating the effects of exercise on fitness and fatigue in cancer survivors. Years of cancer rehabilitation research indicate that exercise is generally beneficial for cancer survivors both during and following treatment, but the underlying physiological mechanisms for these positive effects have not been characterized at this point.  It has been theorized that exercise may protect health tissues from the damaging side effects of radiation and chemotherapy, without conferring similar protection to cancer cells.  The researchers are measuring blood markers of oxidative stress, or free radical damage, to evaluate their potential role in the reduction of treatment-associated side effects following exercise training. 

Who qualifies?

Non-smoking cancer survivors 18-79 years of age who have completed radiation or chemotherapy treatment in the last 5 weeks and are not currently engaged in an exercise program

What is required?

  • An initial blood draw and fitness assessment
  • Three, 1-hour moderate-intensity exercise sessions per week for 12 weeks, supervised by a Cancer Exercise Specialist at RMCRI
  • Another blood draw and fitness assessment following the 12 weeks
  • Control subjects do not exercise during the initial 12 week intervention, but will still be provided with a new exercise plan and an additional three months of supervised exercise sessions at no cost following the study, if so desired.

What are the potential benefits?

  • Free fitness assessment and exercise prescription
  • Workout one-on-one with the lead researcher
  • Lead researcher becomes your Lifetime Cancer Survivor Advocate, providing free health, exercise, and nutrition consultations  (control group as well)
  • Develop a social network and sense of community with other survivors at RMCRI
  • Contribute to the understanding of the biological processes associated with exercise-mediated recovery following cancer treatments

For information call: Chris Repka, Research Associate at RMCRI and the School of Sport and Exercise Science, (908) 419-2767, or