The Rocky Mountain Cancer Rehabilitation Institute (RMCRI) was established in 1996 to investigate the role exercise plays in the rehabilitation of cancer survivors. The Institute provides clinical cancer rehabilitation services, conducts cutting edge research, and provides educational opportunities for those committed to the rehabilitative efforts of cancer survivors.

For almost two decades, RMCRI has helped thousands of cancer survivors to regain their quality of life, reduce depression, attenuate fatigue, improve cardiorespiratory performance, enhance muscular strength, and endurance, as well as increase flexibility and balance. While the Rocky Mountain Cancer Rehabilitation Institute is available to cancer survivors throughout Northern Colorado, the research performed at this facility is used to improve our understanding of exercise rehabilitation and the benefits of exercise for cancer survivors worldwide.

Mission Statement

The Rocky Mountain Cancer Rehabilitation Institute is committed to the advancement of quality of life for cancer survivors during and following treatment through prescriptive exercise rehabilitation and nutritional intervention.


  • To provide complete health and fitness assessments, individualized exercise prescriptions, and one-on-one rehabilitative exercise sessions with trained Cancer Exercise Specialists.
  • To provide basic and clinical research with the intent to alleviate cancer treatment-related side effects.
  • To provide advanced educational preparation and professional development to promote high standards in cancer rehabilitation.