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2014 Conference will be held saturday, april 5th, at group publishing in loveland

Greetings RMCA community,

I am pleased to announce this year’s conference, From Socrates to Social Media: Communication Shaping Society, on April 5, 2014 at Group Publishing in Loveland, Colorado. Over this past year we have seen the intersection of communication and power regarding a number of social issues. Of course, this is not new; since the dawn of rhetoric power and communication have interacted and affected social, even personal, outcomes, with the more powerful and effective communicator often “winning out.” Therefore, applicants are encouraged to explore historical and current social exigencies and how communication and power have shaped both the outcomes of these exigencies, and these outcomes’ long-term social effects. Human understanding and knowledge is language; therefore power is based in discourse and discourse is how social issues get decided.

This is a wide-ranging conference theme, and thus we anticipate that papers deal with it from numerous intellectual and methodological perspectives. Submissions outside of this theme are also welcomed and will be given full consideration. Scholarship at all levels of higher education, including undergraduate students, are encouraged to submit papers or panel proposals.


The keynote speaker for 2014 is intellectual performer and former college professor Dr. Graham Thatcher of Periaktos Productions, LLC.

All submissions must be received by February 21, 2014, in order to be considered for participation at RMCA’s 2014 conference. Authors of accepted papers and panels will be expected to register for the conference by the pre-registration deadline of March 28, 2014. Submit papers and proposals to: bbonnstetter@adams.edu.

Completed individual papers may be submitted electronically in MS Word or Adobe PDF format. Please remove all references to the author from the text and include the following in the cover letter/biography in your email message:

• Name and affiliation of author or authors
• Title of paper
• 120 word (max) abstract
• Indicate which if any of the authors are graduate, 4-year undergraduate, or 2-year undergraduate students

Panel and performance proposals may also be submitted in the above formats and should include the following:

• Proposed title of panel or performance
• Names and affiliations of participants
• 120 word (max) abstract for the entire presentation
• 120 word (max) abstract for each paper (if applicable)

In addition, for both panels and papers, please include any AV equipment requirements or special room considerations. Please understand, however, that while we will make every effort to accommodate requests, we cannot guarantee that they will be met. Please limit requests to those that are absolutely necessary for your presentation.

Group Meeting Room

Award Nominations

Each year, RMCA presents a variety of awards at its annual luncheon, including certificates for an Outstanding Undergraduate Paper and an Outstanding Graduate Paper selected by the RMCA Leadership Council. Last year, RMCA expanded these awards. The Outstanding Undergraduate Paper will henceforth be awarded as an Outstanding Four-Year Student Paper. An Outstanding Two-Year Student Paper will also be awarded. In addition to those, please nominate outstanding individuals for the recognitions described below. Nominations can be submitted to bbonnstetter@adams.edu and must include the nominee's name, affiliation, and a maximum one-page description of why they are deserving. The award categories are:

Outstanding Teaching Assistant - given to an undergraduate or graduate teaching assistant who has demonstrated excellence inside and out of the classroom.

Award for Communication Excellence (A.C.E.) - given to an individual in recognition of distinguished contributions to the Communication discipline.

RMCA Lifetime Achievement Award - given only on rare occasions to a truly deserving and outstanding representative of our discipline.

All communication regarding the conference should be sent to Beth Bonnstetter at bbonnstetter@adams.edu. Thank you for your interest in this year’s RMCA conference, and I look forward to seeing you in Loveland.

Beth Bonnstetter
RMCA President-elect and Program Planner


Group Meeting Room