Paw Points

Programmers: Here is the Paw Points Tracker for Spring 2014!


Where does your community stand?

Harrison Hall
Turner Hall
Lawrenson Hall
North Hall
Souh Hall
Wiebking Hall
Wilson Hall
Central Coalition
Presidents Row



What are Paw Points?

Paw Points are an award system used to encourage halls to show hall, community and school pride. Paw points can be awarded for things like putting on programs, writing Of the Month (OTMs) awards, and attending RHA meetings. Ultimately these paw points lead to a community winning the Community of the Week award, which is a beautiful COW (Community Of the Week) shaped chalkboard for the hall to display at their front desk. So keep on recognizing and doing great things in your community to get more Paw Points.

Check out how UNC is doing on the region's form of Paw Points... Banana Points!! Go to the IACURH Website to learn more about them!

Do you want your hall to be the Community of the Week?!
Here is what your hall can do to win Paw Points!!

Community Service Projects:
    • Community organized community service project: 5 pts
    • Participation in NRHH/RHA organized community service project: 3 pts
RHA Meetings:
    • All RHA Reps in attendance at RHA: 1 pt
    • Residents attending RHA beyond RHA Reps and Community Council President: 1/2 pt per resident (max 4 pts)
    • Winning Snazzy Squirrel: 2 pts
    • Submitting a Funding Proposal: 2pts
    • Submitting award bids: 10pts (first submission) 5pts for each addition bid (up to 4 bids)
Other Involvement with RHA:
    • A member of the community volunteers at Concessions for RHA: 3 pts
    • A member of the community volunteers at a RHA program: 3 pts
    • A community member attends a NACURH sponsored conference: 5 pts per attendee (excluding No Frills)
    • A community member assists NCC with banner or display: 3 pts
    • A community member helps with distributing care packages: 1pt per volunteer
    • Being Nominated for an OTM: 1pt
    • Writing an OTM for someone outside of your community: 2pts
    • Write an OTM: 1 pt per OTM
    • Write a Regionally Winning OTM: 3 pts
    • Write a Nationally Winning OTM: 5 pts
    • Community recognizes Facilities & Maintenance and Custodial Staff through Appreciation Items: 3 pts
    • Community holds a Facilities & Maintenance and Custodial Staff reception: 5 pts
    • Community recognizes Housing & Residential Education Staff through Appreciation Items: 3 pts
    • Community holds a Housing & Residential Education Staff reception: 5 pts
Community Involvement:
    • Community Council puts on a program for Community (STEC must be contacted about program at least 24 hours in advance): 5 pts
    • Number of community memebrs (not including CC Executives, HDs and RAs) at CC meeting: 1/2 pt per attendee
    • Community publishes a newsletter for their Community: 2 pts (maximum 8 pts per month)
    • Submitting an event to the RHA website calendar: 2pts (max of 8pts per month)


News and updates

  • General Council Meetings
    Mondays at 7:00pm - Columbine A (UC)

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    Community of the Year

    Presidents Row

    Paw Points Winners for the Spring Semester:

    1. Presidents Row
    2. Wilson Hall
    3. Wiebking Hall


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