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What are Bids?

Bids are a recognition tool and a way for UNC to show off the incredible things happening on our campus. They are a visual resume for a person or thing that is being recognized.

Here are two examples of great bids: 2014 School of the Year | 2013 NCC of the Year

Want help writing your bid? Check out the campus bid guide!

Awards won in 2013-2014

  • IACURH School of the Year
  • IACURH Paula Bland Award for Professional Service
  • No-Frills NCC of the Year
  • No-Frills NRHH Member of the year
  • No-Frills Advisor of the year
  • No-Frills School of the Year
  • NACURH NRHH Member of the year
  • NACURH NCC of the year
  • NACURH School of the year

Picture from NACURH