About RHA

Mission Statement

The Residence Hall Association at the University of Northern Colorado is a student run organization dedicated to enhancing the collegiate experience for students living in the residence halls, University Apartments, and University-Owned Houses. The Residence Hall Association is devoted to providing resources, opportunities for engagement, and leadership development for the students in the campus communities while providing a platform for networking, advocacy, and involvement.

Q: What is RHA?

A: RHA is the student led governing body of all residence halls on campus, similar to a Student Council.  We strive to connect students to the UNC campus and provide leadership opportunities.  We host events and aim to create an enjoyable experience for students during their time in our residence halls.

Q: Why should I join RHA?

A: RHA is a great way to meet and interact with people from across campus.  It keeps you connected to events and issues.  You can share ideas and information about programs in your hall.  Coming allows your voice to be heard and impacts the community that you live in.  Plus, if you attend 75% of the RHA meetings you get to sign up early for housing the following year!!

Q: So you are basically an RA, right?

A: Not Exactly...

Q: So what do you do then?

A: The Residence Hall Association is housed under the same department as RAs (Housing and Residential Education) but our job descriptions are quite different. RHA is the voice of the 3,000+ students living on campus. Our main concerns are improving the on campus living experience by advocating for change and improvements and free programming. We also offer leadership development in ways of leadership positions and opportunities to attend leadership retreats as well as regional and national conferences.

Q: What is NACURH?

A: NACURH is the National Affiliate of Colleges and University Residence Halls. NACURH is the national RHA and NRHH conference. NACURH consists of programs, Corporate where legislature is passed, and a bunch of regional spirit. At this conference national awards are given out to recognize schools.

Q: What is IACURH?

A: IACURH is the Intermountain Affiliate of Colleges and University Residence Halls. IACURH is the regional RHA and NRHH conference. IACURH consists of programs, boardroom where legislature is passed, and a ton of school spirit. At this conference regional awards are given out to recognize schools.

Q: What is NRHH?

A: The National Residence Hall Honorary is the honor organization of the National Affiliation of College and University Residence Halls (NACURH). NRHH is focused on the four pillars of scholarship, service, recognition and leadership. This organization is designed to give local, regional and national recognition to students making outstanding contributions to their campus and residence halls.

Q: What are OTM's?

A: An Of the Month (OTM) is a way that members of NRHH recognize signifigant contributions made by people, organizations and halls both inside and outside of the organization. To submit an OTM please visit http://otms.nrhh.org

Q: What do you do besides meetings?

A: RHA does fundraising for conference costs, philanthropy for the university and the Greeley community, and also sponsors free events for all students to attend. We also attend national conferences to represent UNC and network with other schools. At the end of the year we put on a banquet to celebrate the accomplishments for each hall, members of RHA or Community Council, and students who have made a difference in the residence halls.

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    Mondays at 7:00pm - Columbine A (UC)

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