Please Remember...

  • If you see something, say something. Err on the side of caution. Be alert, remain approachable, and seek out information about campus resources. Share the information with UNC Police or the Dean of Students Office to make sure we are upholding our responsibility to our campus community.
  • You have a DUTY TO REPORT.
  • Colorado law states that every individual or corporation who has reasonable grounds to believe a crime has been committed has a duty to report the suspected crime to law enforcement authorities. (Colorado Revised Statute § 18-8-115).
  • It is essential for staff and faculty to understand the limitations of their ability to respect a student’s privacy or desire to keep something confidential.
  • No issue or concern is too small to bring to the attention of the Response Team~ Information you share could be the missing puzzle piece required to help our team understand and address individuals’ needs.

Thank you for helping to make UNC a responsive community!