Technology Transfer Guidelines

Pursuant to the University of Northern Colorado Board Policy Manual, Section 2-3-412, there is hereby constituted under the Chief Academic Officer an Office of Technology Transfer composed of the Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration, the General Counsel and the Assistant Vice President for Research.

The purpose of the Technology Transfer Board shall be:

  1. Evaluate the commercial value of new technology created by University faculty or staff, hereinafter referred to as inventor;
  2. Determine the interest of  the University in any invention created by  an inventor, as  required by Manual Section 2-3-412(3)(b);
  3. Negotiate with the inventor to provide an equitable sharing of cost and proceeds related to securing a patent and developing the invention, if the University goes forward with the patent process;
  4. Disseminate new and useful knowledge resulting from the University patent process, as set out in Manual Section 2-3-412(3);
  5. License patents to industry to develop practical applications of such patents or create or foster separate corporate entities to develop and market a patent;
  6. Receive and distribute royalties to provide income for research;
  7. Insure that patent related obligations to the inventor, research sponsor, government and the university are met; and.
  8. Review, evaluate, foster and develop discoveries made by university faculty or staff that may not be patentable.

Determining factors for entering into negotiations with the inventor shall include:

  1. Patentability;
  2. Benefit to the public;
  3. Potential market for the patent; and
  4. Cost to patent and/or develop.