2013-14 Reassignment Award Reports

Name Project Title Department Semester
John Ryan A Holistic and Contextual Grammar of the English Language Hispanic Studies Spring 2014
Kristin Bovaird-Abbo Malory's Palomides: Princes' Pet or Knightly Peer English Fall 2013
Richard Bownas Transnational Social Activism and the Tendency to Romanticism Political Science Spring 2014
Whitney Duncan Cultures of Mental health in Flux: Changing Selves in Southern Mexico Anthropology Spring 2014
Travis Boyce Historicizing Fear Africana Studies and Social Science Spring 2014
Priscilla Falcon Transmigration: A reconfiguration of capital, labor, and social relations between sending and receiving communities in the United States and Mexico: A case study of Mexican migration into Colorado 1900-1964 Hispanic Studies Spring 2014
Lahcen Ezzaher An Arabic-English translation of Averroes' middle commentary on Aristotle's rhetoric English Spring 2014
Michael Phillips Understanding the Dynamics of College Student Marijuana Use School of Psychological Sciences Spring 2014
Carl Granrud Visual Size Perception School of Psychological Sciences Spring 2014
Trent Lalonde Joint Modeling of Mean and Disperson Using Moment Methods Applied Statistics and Research Methods Spring 2014
Dana Walker A Comparative Case Study of Online Versus On-Campus Instruction in Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education School of Teacher Education Fall 2013
Robyn Hess Supporting Refugee Children and Families in Schools School Psychology Fall 2013
Elysia Clemens Educational Outcomes for Youth Within the Colorado Child Welfare System Counselor Education Supervision Spring 2014
Rick Adams Analysis of Sonar Calls and Community Structure of a South African Bat Assemblage School of Biological Sciences Spring 2014
Megan Babkes Stellino Teacher and Administrator Values and Beliefs About School-Based Physical Activity promotion School of Sport and Exercise Sciences Fall 2013
Jack Barbera Establishing the Nomological Network of Motivation in Learning Chemistry Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry Fall 2013
Reid Hayward Attenuating Doxorubicin Cardiotoxicity: Effects of Exercise on Cardiac Stem Cells School of Sport and Exercise Sciences Spring 2014
Oscar Levin Infinite Versions of NP-Complete Problems School of Mathematical Sciences Spring 2014
Youngjin Song Comparative Study of the Mastery in Science Attributes for Problem Solving Using Fourth Grade Science TIMSS Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry Fall 2013 
Hortensia Soto-Johnson Experts' Perception of Differentiation and Continuity of Complex Valued Functions School of Mathematical Sciences Fall 2013
Anton Dzhamay Geometry of Discrete Painleve Equations School of Mathematical Sciences Spring 2014
Joyce Weil Using Narrative Interviewing and Group Work with Older Persons as Experiential Methods with Undergraduates  School of Human Sciences Fall 2013
Erik Applegate Developmental Work Towards an Original Jazz Opera Music Spring 2014
Andrew Dahlke CD Recording Edits for Soprano Saxophone and Piano Disc Music Spring 2014
Brian Clay Luedloff Associate Director for the Dallas Opera Music Spring 2014
Anna Ursyn Carbon: A Gem, A Mineral, and a Heart of Nanotechnology Art and Design Spring 2014
Janel Greiman Articles on Taxation Accounting and CIS Spring 2014