2012-13 Reassignment Award Reports

Name Project Title Department Semester
Christiane Olivo The Role of the Green Party in Resisting Right-Wing Extremism in Post-Communist Eastern Germany Political Science & International Affairs Spring 2013
Priscilla Falcon Braceros In Colorado: What Was The Impact of the Bracero Program on Colorado Agriculture and Industry? Hispanic Studies Spring 2013
John M. Ryan The Early Verb Project Hispanic Studies Spring 2013
Ester Gimbernat Gonzalez The distress of exile: expressing the emotions of uprooting Hispanic Studies Spring 2013
Kenneth Chan Space, Temporality, and Gender Performativity in Hong Kong Director Yonfan's Bugis Street  English Spring 2013
Andrew Creekmore Implementation, evaluation, and publication of archaeology and archaeological geophysics research and training projects.  Anthropology Spring 2013
Robert Weis "God Restrains the Devil, But Not the President" : Catholic Militancy and Authoritarianism in Postrevolutionary Mexico History Spring 2013
Karen S. Barton Food Deserts in the Colorado Rockies: Community Access and Adaptations Beyond the Prairie Geography Spring 2013
Trent Lalonde Comprehensive Analysis of Binary Longitudinal Data with Time-Dependent Covariates Applied Statistics/ Research Methods Fall 2012
Kathleen E. O'Neil Effects on Writing Quality of Drawing Prior to Writing Teacher Education Fall 2012
Kristina Phillips Psychological, Personality and Academic Variable associated with Marijuana Use  Psychological Sciences Spring 2013
David Gilliam Embryo transfers in the analysis of ethanol teratogenesis in mice Psychological Sciences Fall 2012
John Mark Froiland Parent's Descriptions of Autonomy Supportive Communication with Their Children School Psychology Fall 2012
Matthew Birnbaum Metaphorical images: Beyond silos and pipelines HESAL Fall 2012
Joseph French Shhh! How Secrets Impact Market Expectations: Evidence from Option Markets Surrounding Recent Bank of Japan Interventions Finance Spring 2013
Isaac Wanasika Management Research: BOP Markets  Management Spring 2013
Lauryn Benedict Interspecific competition and resource partitioning by two cliff-dwelling wren species Biological Sciences Spring 2013
Jill Bezyak Improving Nutrition and Physical Activity among Individuals with Mental Illness Human Sciences Spring 2013
Danielle R. Brittain An examination of health-related behaviors among college students by sexual orientation Human Sciences/Community Health Spring 2013
Gregory DeKrey The Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor as a Target for Treating Leishmanial Disease Biological Sciences Spring 2013
Catherine Dingley Cost, Quality, and Effectiveness of the Enclosed Bed System for Fall Prevention Nursing Spring 2013
Gulden Karakok Exploration of Social Influences on Students' Transfer of Learning of Mathematics Mathematical Sciences Spring 2013
Judith Leatherman The Role of Pvf in Stem Cell Maintenance Biological Sciences Spring 2013
Jeremy D. Smith Course reassignment to increase scholarly productivity SES Spring 2013
Youngjin Song Pre-service elementary teachers' learning to integrate science and language instruction for linguistically diverse students Chemistry and Biochemistry Spring 2013
Stephanie Wiegand Instruction Practices of Academic Libaries Concerning Conjunction Logic and Controlled Vocabulary Reference Department, Univ Libraries Spring 2013
Carissa Reddick Formal Fusion and Divisional Overlap in Sonata Forms from Late 19th-Century Chamber Music School of Music Spring 2013
Mark Montemayor Effect of Performance Quality on the Evaluation of Instrumental Music Rehearsals School of Music Spring 2013
Bob Ehle The Psychoacoustical Basis for Modern Jazz Harmony School of Music  Spring 2013