Current Studies Seeking Volunteers

Interested in FREE Exercise training? Researchers are seeking participants (who don't currently exercise) and have NOT had cancer between the ages of 40-75.

We are evaluating the effects of aerobic and cognitive training on Chemotherapy Induced Cognitive Impairment (CRCI), which is often called “chemo brain” or “chemo fog,” and how exercise and/or cognitive training may minimize the effects of treatment on cancer survivors' quality of life. We need a comparative group of individuals who have not had cancer. Participants will receive an initial and post exercise assessment and then will be randomly selected for an exercise or flexibility training regimen. Additionally, we obtain comprehensive cognitive assessments prior to the initial assessment and following the 12-week exercise intervention program.

  • Brent Peterson,
  • School of Sport and Exercise Science
  • June 15th, 2014- Ongoing
  • Participant Requirements: Age: 40-75 Gender: Males or Females Who won't qualify for this study: • Any Psychiatric diagnosis or neurological disease • Any Past or present alcohol or substance abuse • Significant mobility trouble • Non corrected visual or auditory difficulty • Any software based cognitive training in past 6 months • NeuroActive • Posit Science • Brain fitness program • Mindfit • Lumosity • My Brain Trainer • Aerobic Activity • Walking or Running more than 2x a week for past 8 weeks
  • Time Commitment and Other Information about Research Participation: The time commitment is 3 times a week for up to an hour each session. The total study is composed of 36 sessions or 12-weeks in total time.

Researcher seeks male participants to act as control group for study on empathy in domestic violence offenders.

Study asks participants to complete a variety of surveys, complete a visual puzzle, and identify the emotions of others when presented on a computer screen. Participation takes approximately one hour and no follow up is required.

  • Blair Nyline
  • Counseling Psychology
  • March 9, 2015-ongoing
  • Participant Requirements: Participants must be heterosexual biological males. No age limits apply. Researcher would prefer participants who are not psychology or counseling majors.

Time Commitment and Other Information about Research Participation: Participation takes approximately one hour and participants will be compensated for their time with $5 upon study completion. Participants can also choose to participate in a lottery to win a $25 gift card in addition to the $5 compensation.


Doctoral Student Seeking Participants for Balance and Physical Activity Study.

Study asks the relationship between physical activity levels and a balance test.

  • Kristen Benjamin
  • Audiology and Speech Language Sciences
  • October 2015
  • Participant Requirements: Any activity level, adults between the ages of 50-65, no prior head or neck injuries.

Time Commitment and Other Information about Research Participation: Participation takes approximately 15-30 minutes. Participants will be asked to lay on an exam table and lift and turn their head while listening to noise in their ear.