About Volunteering

  1. Knowing Your Rights. You may choose to volunteer as a participant in a research project for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you have a special interest in the topic, want to contribute to science, or see other benefits in participating. Please be assured that you are in no way obligated to participate and can always withdraw from a study if at first you decide to join the research and later change your mind.
  2. Disclaimers. Only investigations that have been approved by the University’s Institutional Review Board as adhering to strong ethical principles are included on this website. The Office of Research verifies IRB approval but does not review or endorse the views, methodologies, results, or conclusions of projects posted on this site. Out of respect for disciplinary expertise and academic freedom, the Assistant Vice President for Research relies on faculty and staff (and in the case of students, also the research advisors) to ensure the integrity of their research.   
  3. Learning More About Protection of Research Participants. Participants who would like to learn more about regulations designed to protect the rights of research participants can examine these materials: