Nurturing the Next Generation of Scholars

A Sampler of Discoveries by Student Scholars

The University of Northern Colorado strives to maintain a rich and inviting atmosphere for discovery and creative works. Faculty and staff contribute abundantly to the extension of knowledge, and many of our students also acquire a taste for research, if not a full-blown, life-changing passion for discovery and imaginative expression.

Last year, we sent out a request to faculty, staff, and deans for names of students who were conducting interesting research and might like to be featured. We received a very long list, itself a tribute to the accomplishments of our students. We couldn’t include them all but were able to prepare accounts of the discoveries of six students. There are many more we’d love to hear about in the future.

In the accompanying profiles, you will notice transformations in the professional development of our budding scholars. Profiled students—and our many other student scholars—approach their research with inspiration, analysis with meticulous care, and interpretation with insight. In each case, one or more faculty members encouraged students, behind the scenes, to ask big questions and to think optimistically about how they might integrate their interests into plans for the future.

We would like to thank faculty, staff, and deans who nominated students to be featured, the students themselves for participating in the interviews, and Stephanie Burchett, a creative soul who infuses imagination into web design.

Happy reading.

Sara Miller is a Doctoral Candidate in the Higher Education and Student Affairs Leadership Program

Teresa McDevitt is a Professor of Psychological Sciences and Acting Assistant Vice President for Research

October, 2013

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