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Summer Support Initiative (SSI) Awardees

Prior Year SSI Awardees

2017 SSI Awardees

Karen Barton-HSS, Geography and GIS "Mapping Africa's Titanic: The Geographical Dimensions of the Joola Crisis"

Alena Clark-NHS, Nutrition & Dietetics "Determining Factors Which Affect Breastfeeding Duration Rates"

Andrew Creekmore-HSS, Anthropology "An Archaeological Geophysics Study of the Philistine City of Gath"

Whitney Duncan-HSS, Anthropology "Latino Mental Health and Treatment Experience"

Nathaniel Eldredge-NHS, Mathematical Sciences "Heat Kernel Analysis on Infinite-Dimensional Heisenberg Groups"

Angie Henderson-HSS, Sociology "Pathways to Freedom for Victims of Sex Trafficking"

Emily Holt-NHS, Biological Sciences and Julie Sexton-NHS, MAST Institute "Concepts and Challenges in Teaching and Learning about Climate Change"

Jennifer Krause-NHS, Sport & Exercise Science "Faculty and Student Perspectives of and Experiences with TPACK in PE Teacher Education"

David Lerach-NHS, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences "Isolating Dust Influences on Supercell Thunderstorms"

Stan Luger-HSS, Political Science & International Affairs "Corporate Personhood and the Corporate Civil Rights Movement"

Kim Murza-NHS, Audiology & Speech Language Sciences "A Team Approach to Addressing Social Communication and Engagement"

Melanie Peffer-NHS, Biological Sciences "Assessing Epistemology in Authentic Science Inquiry (EASI) via Practices in SCI Simulations"

Kristina Phillips and Michael Phillips-CEBS, Psychological Sciences "The Development and Initial Efficacy of an Ecological Momentary Intervention (EMI) For College Student Marijuana Users"

John Ryan-HSS, Hispanic Studies "Error Analysis and Technology to Improve Spanish Writing Proficiency of Non-Native (L2) Students"

Laura Stewart-NHS, Sport & Exercise Science "Kefir and Cancer Survivorship Grant Development"

Kyle Ward-HSS, Criminal Justice "The Impact of Marijuana Legalization on Law Enforcement in Surrounding States"

Marilyn Welsh and Eric Peterson-CEBS, Psychological Sciences "Child Maltreatment and College Adaptation: Which Students are at Greatest Risk for Poor Outcome?"

2016 SSI Awardees

Spencer Bagley-NHS, Mathematical Sciences "Developing Machine Gradable Conceptual Calculus Items"

Andrew Dahlke-PVA, School of Music "Compact Disc Recording for Soprano Saxophone and Piano Editing and Post-Production"

Anton Dzhamay-NHS, Mathematical Sciences "Geometric Deautonomization and Discrete Painleve Equations"

Wendilyn Flynn-NHS, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences "Orographic Controls on Precipitation in the Westen Ghats"

Angie Henderson and Harmony Newman-HSS, Sociology and Gender Studies "An In-depth Examination of Low Income Mothers of Color"

Trent Lalonde-CEBS, Applied Statistics and Research Methods "Methodological Considerations of Longitudinal Modeling in Applied Educational Research: Implications for Improving Practice"

Jennifer Krause-NHS, Sport and Exercise Science "Educational Technolgoy Self-Efficacy among Physical Education's Teacher Education Faculty"

Steve Mackessy-NHS, Biological Sciences "Phenotypes & Genotypes: An Analysis of the Effects"

Katie Morrison-NHS, Mathematical Sciences "A Mathematical Model of Internally Generated Activity in the Brain Objectives of the Project"

Kyle Anne Nelson and Christine Marston-HSS, Sociology and Economics "Northern Colorado Refugees-Engaging our Community"

Josh Packard-HSS, Sociology "Grant Writing for CHURCH: Exploring the Religious Lives of Dones"

Frieda Parker and Jodie Novak-NHS, Mathematical Sciences "Horizon Content Knowledge Curriculum Development"

Eric Peterson and Marilyn Welsh-CEBS, Psychological Sciences "NIMH AREA Grant Proposal: Child Maltreatment & College Adaptation"

Sarah Romano-HSS, Political Science and International Affairs "Beyond the Law: The Challenges of Drinking Water Governance in the Context of Climate Change"

Jessica Salo-HSS, Geography and GIS "Rapid Identification of Refoliation of Tamarisk"

Julie Sexton-NHS, MAST Institute and Molly Jameson Cox-CEBS, Psychological Sciences "The Role of Mathematics in Undergraduate Geoscience Programs"

Brandon Soltwisch-MCB, Management "Minimizing and Satisfying Decision Making Styles"

Megan Babkes Stellino and Brian Dauenhauer-NHS, Sport and Exercise Science "The Impact of Before-School Physical Activity Programming on Elementary Age Children's Behavior, Social, Psychological and Academic Factors"

Prior Years' SSI Awardees