Sponsored Research Fellows (SRF) Awardees

Through a competitive application process, the Office of Research and the Office of Sponsored Programs have selected the 2016-2018 Sponsored Research Fellows. The awarded fellows will participate for two years in this new initiative that is designed to support them in learning best practices in grantsmanship, perfecting their skills for planning and writing high quality proposals for external funding and giving them the expertise to mentor other faculty to become successful grant writers.

The five Sponsored Research Fellows for 2016-2018 are:

  • Justin Krawitz-PVA, School of Music
  • Karen Barton-HSS, Department of Geography
  • Laura Stewart-NHS, School of Sport & Exercise Science
  • Mehrgan Mostowfi-MCB, Department of Computer Information Systems
  • Whitney Duncan Johnson-HSS, Department of Anthropology

The eleven Sponsored Research Fellows for 2014-2015 were:

  • Jack Barbera-NHS, Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Elysia Clemens-EBS, Applied Psychology and Counselor Education
  • Seth Frietze-NHS, Biological Sciences
  • John M. Froiland-EBS, School Psychology
  • Gulden Karakoe-NHS, Mathematical Sciences
  • Britney Kyle-HSS, Anthropology
  • Christy Moroye-EBS, Teacher Education
  • Kim Murza-NHS, Human Sciences (Audiology and Speech Language Sciences)
  • John M. Ryan-HSS, Hispanic Studies
  • Jeremy Smith-NHS, Sport and Exercise Science
  • Stephen Wright-EBS, Applied Psychology and Counselor Education