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Research, Dissemination & Faculty Development (RDFD) Awardees

Lists of previous years' awardees can be found on the Awarded Research SharePoint site.

AY 2017 Awards

Matthew Birnbaum-CEBS, Higher Education & Student Affairs Leadership "A Comparative Study of US State and Finnish National Higher Education Funding Formulas"

David Caffey-PVA, Music "CD Recording, Production and Dissemination"

Kui Chen-NHS, Chemistry & Biochemistry "Plasmonic Properties of Gold Nanoshells and their Applications as a Photothermal Coupling Agent"

Joan Clinefelter-HSS, History "RIAS Berlin: Sounding the Cold War, 1949-1961"

Kevin Cody-University College, Environmental & Sustainability Studies "Examining the Influence of Agrarian Contexts on an Emerging Student Farm Program"

Michael Cohen-CEBS, Educational Leadership & Policy Studies "Altering the Traditional Educational Leadership Model: A Study of a Co-Principal Approach to Leadership"

Andrew Creekmore-HSS, Anthropology "An Archaeological Geophysics Study of the Philistine City of Gath"

Gregory DeKrey-NHS, Biological Sciences "B Cell Homing to Mucosal Tissues Following Activation of the Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor"

Socrates Garcia-PVA, Music "Socrates Garcia Latin Jazz Orchestra - Concert at the 2018 Jazz Education Network Conference"

James Haughian-NHS, Biological Sciences "Exercise and Anti-Tumor Immunity"

Angie Henderson-HSS, Sociology "Pathways to Freedom: Helping Women Escape and Recover from Sex Trafficking"

Jeraldine Kraver- HSS, English "Commemorating Catastrophe: The Case of Auschwitz-Birkenau"

Dana Landry-PVA, Music "Romeo & Juliet Project"

Anne Lanzilotti-PVA, Music "Wollschleger Workshop"

Robert Weis-HSS, History "God Restrains the Devil: Faith, Nationalism and Violence in the Postrevolutionary Generation of Mexico"

Kyle Ward-HSS, Criminology & Criminal Justice "Assessing the Role of Mentorship in Jail to Community Re-entry: An Evaluation of Focus Re-entry in Boulder County"

Tamara Yakaboski-CEBS, Higher Education & Student Affairs Leadership "Academic Mobility, Gender, & Internationalization in Finnish Higher Education"

Ather Zia-HSS Anthropology & Gender Studies "The State of Post-Colonial Siege and the "De-Facto" Indian Occupation in the Valley of Kashmir"

AY 2016 Awards

Thomas Dunn-CEBS, Psychological Sciences "Latent Variable Methods Workshop at Brown University"

Marilyn Welsh-CEBS, Psychological Sciences "The Impact of Child Maltreatment History on Cognition, Emotion, and Adaptation in College"

James Doerner-HSS, Geography & GIS "China Studies Institute"

Richard Bownas-HSS, Political Science "A Political Sociology of Earthquake Relief in Sindhupalchok District, Nepal"

Rick Adams-NHS, Biological Sciences "Bats as Bioindicators of Climate Change Effects in Sub-Saharan Africa"

Scott Franklin-NHS, Biological Sciences "Clonal Plant Response to Disturbance in High Tatras"

Murielle Watzky-Brewer-NHS, Chemistry "Kinetic Studies of Silver Nanoclusters Formation and Reactivity"

Graham Baird-NHS, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences "Chemistry and Age of the Igneous Rocks in the Big Thompson Canyon: Establishing a Culture of Undergraduate Research in the Earth & Atmospheric Sciences"

Nicole Withrow-McDonald-NHS, Human Sciences "The Development of an Eating Screening Inventory for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)"

Hortensia Soto-Johnson-NHS, Mathematical Sciences "Mathematics Education as a Research Field: An International Perspective"

Anissa Buhring-NHS, Nursing " Facing the Odds: The Impact of Stereotype Threat on Academic Performance"

Laura Stewart-NHS, Sport & Exercise Sciences "T Cell and Cancer Project"

Jill Burgett-PVA, School of Music "Catalan Choral Music"

Paul Elwood-PVA, School of Music "Collaborative Inspirations"-a CD to be released by Innova Recordings"

Socrates Garcia-PVA, School of Music "Socrates Garcia Latin Jazz Orchestra-Concert at the 2016 Jazz Education Network (JEN) National Conference"

Justin Krawitz-PVA, School of Music "Democracy 25-Phase 1"