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Centers & Institutes

UNC has award-winning centers and institutes that lead the way in research, offer community services, and provide professional development opportunities for students and professionals in a variety of fields. Whether it is providing enhanced training opportunities for teachers or rehabilitation for cancer patients, our institutions aim to enrich the lives of those they serve. Many have received national recognition and awards for their work.

  • Bresnahan-Halstead Center on Disabilities
    The Bresnahan-Halstead Center is committed to work for the advancement of knowledge and quality of services for people with disabilities through research, professional development, technical assistance, and scholarships. The Center works in partnership with the various agencies in Colorado, the nation, and internationally to achieve these missions.
  • Center for Integrated Arts Education (CIAE)
    The Center for Integrated Arts Education (CIAE) provides research and professional development for multi-disciplinary learning centered in an understanding of the arts. CIAE specializes in arts planning, arts policy formation, professional collaborations and curriculum development. It offers leadership training, facilitated planning and arts workshop opportunities for teachers, schools and districts and is engaged in research activities examining the impact of arts-infused curricula on school ecology and student achievement.
  • Center for the Education and Study of the Gifted, Talented, and Creative Learners (CESGTC)
    Center for the Education and Study of the Gifted, Talented, Creative Learners supports and promotes gifted and talented education through graduate-level programs and opportunities for consultation, collaboration and research for program development. The center also provides education and support to parents and serves gifted, talented and creative students with day and residential summer programs.
  • Distance Opportunities for Interpreter Training (DO IT)
    The Distance Opportunities for Interpreter Training Center designs and delivers a variety of educational programs in the field of American Sign Language-English interpreting. These programs include a bachelor of arts in ASL-English Interpretation and numerous in-service training events. The DO IT center also conducts research on such topics as ASL-English interpreting and offers scholarships for students preparing to work with youths who are deaf and hard of hearing.
  • Education Innovation Institute (EII)
    The Education Innovation Institute works to leverage applied research to solve practical problems in education and foster collaboration through interdisciplinary academic work and the facilitation of communication among those involved in research, policy, and practice. Examples of EII projects include internships in research and policy for UNC graduate students, production of research briefs and opinion pieces on policy issues, and advisory work with state agencies and nonprofit organizations.
  • Hewit Institute
    The William E. Hewit Institute for History and Social Science Education supports K-12 education in history and the social sciences. Hewit Institute focuses on teacher education, materials development, and history and social sciences teaching and learning research. It primarily serves schools, teachers and students in Colorado and the Rocky Mountain-Plains region.
  • Institute for Civic Education
    The Institute for Civic Education offers content-related professional development opportunities for K-12 teachers in many aspects of American and comparative government, civics, political philosophy, and history. The mission of the institute is to advance civic education at all grade levels in the state of Colorado and throughout the country.
  • Math and Science Teaching  Institute (MAST)
    Math and Science Teaching Institute provides leadership and coordination for projects and programs to improve mathematics and science education locally and nationwide. It also provides professional development for teachers and conducts research on teaching and learning.
  • Math Teacher Leadership Center (Math TLC)
    The Math Teacher Leadership Center works to improve K-12 mathematics education through a master’s for secondary math teachers and a mathematics teacher leadership program. The Math TLC produces research to contribute to the mathematics teaching knowledge base.
  • Monfort Institute
    Monfort Institute conducts research with high performing organizations and their senior executives to create, disseminate, and apply knowledge for sustainable global excellence. The Institute disseminates the findings from their research in a variety of forums including academic journals and conferences, practitioner webinars and presentations, executive education workshops, and Monfort College business courses. The Institute’s sustainable transformation program focuses on achieving and sustaining high performance in a changing world and taking organizations to the next level.
  • National Center on Severe and Sensory Disabilities (NCSSD)
    National Center on Severe and Sensory Disabilities conducts research and provides information, training and technical assistance for families and educators of children who are deaf and hard of hearing, blind and visually impaired, or who have significant support needs.
  • National Institute for Nursing Education and Scholarship (NINES)
    National Institute for Nursing Education and Scholarship impacts and facilitates scholarly resources and leadership for effective, high- quality health professions education. NINES engages nursing educators and scholars in research, professional development and policymaking with the Nursing Research Center, Learning Resource Center, Faculty Development Center and Assessment, and Evaluation Center.
  • North East Central Colorado Small Business Development Center
    The North East Central Colorado Small Business Development Center (NEECCO SBDC) helps emerging and existing entrepreneurs maximize their business operations. The NEECCO SBDC works to help foster successful growth and development by creating positive economic impact with the following services; individualized free business consulting, assistance with financing opportunities, training seminars and webinars, business planning tools, and research resources.
  • Retired Seniors Volunteer Program (RSVP)
    Retired Senior Volunteer Program connects adults age 55 and older with the people and organizations that need them most by recruiting and interviewing interested retired or senior volunteers and matching them to the appropriate assignment based upon their skills, interests and time availability. RSVP has agreements with multiple nonprofit and civic agencies, and works with organizations to identify specific community needs that may benefit from the program.
  • Rocky Mountain Cancer Rehabilitation Institute (RMCRI)
    Rocky Mountain Cancer Rehabilitation Institute is a comprehensive cancer rehabilitation facility that provides individualized prescriptive exercise and dietary intervention in the recovery of cancer treatment-related symptoms. It offers ongoing basic and clinical research, advanced educational preparation and professional development to promote higher cancer rehabilitation standards
  • Sport Marketing Research Institute (SMRI)
    Sports Marketing Research Institute seeks to enrich the learning experience of graduate students studying sport administration by conducting field research for sport enterprises that wish to better understand how sport affects our community. SMRI provides high quality research opportunities for both graduate students preparing for careers in sport management and organizations in need of management assistance.
  • Teaching with Primary Sources – UNC
    Teaching with Primary Sources — UNC provides free professional development to K-12 educators. With a commitment to reaching schools in northern Colorado and outlying areas in Colorado and Wyoming, the center introduces educators to the online resources of the Library of Congress, including teacher pages with tools, materials and strategies supporting inquiry-based learning.
  • Technical Assistance and Continuing Education (TACE), Region 8
    Technical Assistance and Continuing Education works to promote the employment of people with disabilities by providing technical assistance and continuing education to State Vocational Rehabilitation agencies and their partners. It offers services such as face-to-face training, web-assisted distance delivery options, and self-directed training modules.
  • Tointon Institute for Educational Change
    The Tointon Institute provides professional development opportunities to Colorado principals, assistant principals and teacher leaders through residential academies and follow-up experiences that focus on research-based practices that build instructional leadership skills to improve student learning in schools.

Interested in setting up a new center or institute? Learn about UNC guidelines in the UNC Center Policy and Procedures (pdf)