Initial Classification

Your initial tuition classification is made at the time of application to the University and is based on the information provided on the application for admission. Failure to answer all questions could lead to an initial classification as non-resident. After your status is determined, it remains unchanged in the absence of satisfactory evidence to the contrary.

If you feel your initial tuition classification is incorrect and your initial semester has not begun, you may update your residency information with the Admissions Office (Undergraduate students) or the Graduate School (Graduate students):

New Undergraduate students:

New Graduate students:

Changes in Tuition Classification

If you feel you meet the requirements for in-state tuition, you must file a petition requesting a change in tuition classification. The procedure requires submission of a Petition for Tuition Classification with appropriate documentation to support the claim of Colorado residency. The burden of proof rests upon you, as the petitioner, to submit a timely petition with the required documentation. Petitions may be picked up at the Office of the Registrar, Carter Hall 3002 or they are available for download here.

Please note: If you are requesting to be a part of the WUE program, you are indicating you are not a Colorado resident and will not establish Colorado residency during your time of attendance at University of Northern Colorado (UNC).  If you plan on establishing your residency in Colorado and would like to petition for in-state benefits at UNC during your time of attendance, it is recommended you do not claim another state as your state of residence.  WUE students who change their residence to Colorado lose their WUE eligibility the following semester, but do not become eligible for in-state tuition rates until one year after establishing Colorado domicile. Because students under 23 are deemed to have the domicile of their parents, the WUE student seeking to change domicile to Colorado must show either: a change of the parents’ residence; or a change in the student’s residence after emancipation from the parents.

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You will remain a non-resident until you have received notification from the Tuition Classification Officer indicating a residency change has been approved. If you are petitioning for in-state tuition, you remain responsible for paying your account based upon your current tuition classification. You are strongly urged to petition early during the submission period in order to receive a response from the Tuition Classification Officer prior to any applicable tuition and fees deadlines.

For additional information about the requirements for establishing in-state residency, please contact:

Kenneth Clavir
Office of the Registrar, Carter Hall Room 3002
University of Northern Colorado
Greeley, CO 80639
Telephone: 970.351.4315
Fax: 970.351.1870