International/Non-US Citizens

Persons who are lawful permanent residents or who are admitted as refugees are eligible to establish domicile for tuition purposes. 

All petitioners who are not U.S. citizens can be classified in the following two categories:

  • Immigrant Alien
    • An individual who has received a Resident Alien Card is eligible to establish domicile.
    • An individual who has not yet received a Resident Alien Card, but has filed the Application for Adjustment of Status may establish domicile with the one-year period beginning on the date the Application for Adjustment of Status was filed.
  • Non-Immigrant Alien
    • An individual who is in Colorado for purposes other than education may qualify to establish domicile.
    • Individuals in the following categories do not qualify to establish domicile:
      • F-1
      • F-2
      • H-3
      • H-4 (if the visa holder is the spouse or child of an H-3)
      • J-2 (if the J-1 visa holder is a student or trainee)
      • M-1
      • M-2
Group of students