UNC-AIMS Cooperative Agreement

If you are a graduate or undergraduate student enrolled for 12 on-campus credits and paying full-time tuition to UNC or Aims Community College, you are eligible to take one undergraduate class (maximum 5 credits) at the other school during the corresponding term without additional tuition charges. Interim term is not included.

The free course at the host school must not be offered at your home school during that same term you are taking the class.

Please refer to the Colorado Transfer Guide to determine which courses will transfer between Aims and UNC. Equivalent course titles between institutions are listed on the course equivalency guide available at the UNC Admissions Office or Aims Admissions Office. Remember:

  • You must meet prerequisite requirements and must pay any course fees other than tuition.
  • Continuing Education courses do not count in the 12 credit full-time requirement.
  • Continuing Education courses cannot be taken as the free class.
  • Aims students register for UNC courses at the UNC Office of the Registrar, 3002 Carter Hall. Students will be allowed to register the Monday following the last day of pre-registration for UNC students.
  • UNC students register for Aims course via normal procedures outlined in the Aims Schedule of Classes; however, in place of payment, the UNC student completes a certifying form at the Aims Cashier’s Office.
  • At the end of the term, students found to be ineligible will be billed for and must pay tuition charges to the host school.
  • Once the course has been completed, please have an official transcript sent to your home institution in order to receive transfer credit.