The Depository is a protected file folder for campus users to submit catalog and curriculum forms.

Deadlines for the 2015-16 Catalogs

Program & Course Curriculum Forms December 31, 2014 All required signatures must be included; check with your College Dean's office for college specific deadlines
Professional Education Council (PEC)
See PEC website Required for curriculum items that affect programs in teacher preparation
Liberal Arts Council (LAC)
November 18, 2014 Deadline for LAC courses not requiring CDHE gtP approval; Contact Abby Pekar with any LAC questions
Guaranteed Pathway (gtP)
September 11, 2014 Deadline for list of LAC courses that will be submitted to the state for gtP approval
September 26, 2014 Deadline for new gtP course materials for LAC review
Faculty & Narrative Catalog Forms March 2, 2015 Non-curriculum catalog changes only


Before making changes, please right click on package below and "Save Target As..." in order to save it to your desktop. If prompted, please download latest version of Adobe to view.

Undergraduate Curriculum Packages

Graduate Curriculum Packages

Extended Campus Forms


Review Catalogs

The Review Catalogs are draft versions of the catalogs for the next academic year, and they will be updated regularly throughout the curriculum season as changes are approved. If your curriculum submission is marked as "In Catalog" under the "Catalog Status" column in the Curriculum Tracker, you should see the changes reflected in the Review Catalog.

If you would like an updated PDF of a particular program or catalog page, use the "Print this page" option on the right-side navigation to print directly to PDF.

Curriculum Tracker

The Curriculum Tracker is a series of forms, documents, and other resources that are intended to:

  • Assist the campus community in steering curricular changes (both courses and programs) through the approval process; and
  • Track the submission of new text as the University catalogs are published each year;

Training is available for campus-wide users of these tracking tools.  Questions about their use can be directed to the individuals listed at the bottom of this page.

(If you are unable to open any links, please contact


Reference Documents

Insight Reports with Coding Information

  • Course Coding: Current course default codes (e.g., division, department, org, taxonomy, and CIP codes) can be viewed by accessing Production > Academic View > Course tab > CRS049 SCACRSE Default Codes.
  • Program Coding: Program code information (e.g. department, org, division, taxonomy, etc.) can be viewed by accessing Production > Academic View > Course tab > CRS057 CIP/Department/Taxonomy Codes for Curriculum Review.

Curriculum Training Documents