Building and Location Codes

This is a list of building codes used to assist in identifying the location in which the course is taught.

If the location is a city, please contact the Office of Extended Studies at 970-351-2944 or email to find out the exact location.

For a map of UNC, click here.

ARR Meeting Location is Arranged with Instructor
ARTS Arts Annex
AURA Aurora
BLDR Boulder
BNCC Ben Nighthorse Campbell Center
BREC Breckenridge
BRIG Brighton
BROWN Brown Residence Hall
BRSH Brush
BTLR Butler-Hancock
CAMP Campo
CAND Candelaria
COLO Colorado   
COSP Colorado Springs
CRAB Crabbe
DBNM Doubenmier
DENV Denver
DIST Distance Delivered
DURA Durango
ELIZ Elizabeth
ESPK Estes Park
FND Foundation Hall
FRAS Frasier
FTCO Fort Collins
FTLP Fort Lupton
FTMO Fort Morgan
GILC Gilcrest
GLSP Glenwood Springs
GRAY Gray Hall
GREE Greeley
GRJU Grand Junction
GUGG Guggenheim
GUNN Gunnison
GUNT Gunter
HARR Harrison Residence Hall
HAWA Hawaii
HXTN Haxton
JCKS Jackson
KEPN Kepner
LAMR Lamar
LIMN Limon
LITT Littleton
LJUN Lajunta
LONG Longmont
LOVE Loveland
LOWR Lowry Site, Denver
LOWU Lowry Site, Urban Ed Program, Denver
MCCO McCowen Hall
MICH Michener
MNTR Montrose
MSVD Mesa Verde
NOCO Takes place in a state other than Colorado, contact the Office of Extended Studies for additional details.
NOTT Nottingham
OCTY Takes place in another country, contact the instructor for additional details.
PUEB Pueblo
REC Recreation Center
ROSS Ross Hall
SEE See Notes
SKNR Skinner Library
STER Sterling
TBA To Be Announced
THOR Thornton
UC University Center
WCLIFF Westcliffe
WCRHN West Campus Residence Hall Nor
WCRHS West Campus Residence Hall Sou
WCTS West Courts
WEST Westminster
WFLD West Field
WGNS Wiggins
WIEB Wiebking Residence Hall
WILSON Wilson Residence Hall
WNSR Windsor
YGHS Young House