Graduate Exchange Program - UNC/CSU/School of Mines

The state has authorized graduate students to take one course per term at another state-supported institution without charge. Participating institutions include Colorado State University, University of Colorado and Colorado School of Mines.

Registration Criteria:

  • The graduate student is registered full-time at the home institution.
  • The course requested is part of the regular load - not an overload.
  • The student is pursuing a program leading to an advanced degree. All courses requested must be required for the degree program or a prerequisite for one of the required courses.
  • The course is not offered on the student's own campus at the time the student can take advantage of it.
  • The request is presented prior to the registration period for the term the course is to be taken.
  • The request is presented any term except the graduation term.
  • A separate request form is completed for each course taken.
  • Space is available.

Once the exchange has been approved, the Office of the Registrar will send the form to the "host" institution. Registration processes at host institutions vary so please check with the host institution’s Office of the Registrar for more information on how to register. You are responsible for registering for the course.

Your grade is sent back to UNC by the host institution on the Exchange Agreement form and then recorded on your UNC transcript as non-residency transfer work. We recommend that you remind the instructor to submit the Exchange Form with the grade to the host Office of the Registrar after the course is completed.

For specific information on the Exchange Program, contact Michelle Heiny at 970-351-2231.

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