College Opportunity Fund (COF)

The College Opportunity Fund—referred to as COF—is Colorado’s way of providing financial support for resident undergraduate students.

COF was created by the Colorado Legislature and signed into law in May 2004 by Gov. Bill Owens.

Colorado will no longer appropriate tax dollars directly to colleges and universities. Instead, eligible undergraduates may apply for a state-funded COF stipend (payment) to put toward the cost of undergraduate education.

COF is not a loan, nor is it financial aid.

Who is eligible?

Undergraduate students who are classified as in-state residents are eligible for the COF stipend.

Undergraduate students who are classified as non-residents and graduate students are not eligible for the COF stipend.

Courses offered through our Extended Studies office are not eligible for the COF stipend.

How much of my UNC tuition will COF pay?

For the 2013-2014 school year, the COF stipend is $64 per eligible credit hour, so if you take 30 credits this year, COF will pay $1,920 of your total tuition.

This amount may differ each year. It is determined by the state legislature each spring for the upcoming academic year. The amount is the same at all Colorado public institutions.

For current tuition information, please visit

What do I need to do?

You must apply for and authorize UNC to accept the COF stipend on your behalf.

In order to apply, you need to:

Go to the COF website at and click on "Apply Now". You need to apply only one time.

In order to authorize, you need to go to:

URSA Student Tab
Registration Tools
COF Stipend Authorization
Choose the current semester
Choose "Lifetime Authorization" - If you choose LIfetime, you won't have to do this process again while at UNC.
Click save.

When do I get the money?

The stipend will be applied to your student bill once tuition charges are posted for the semester. If you did not complete the application and authorization until after tuition was posted, you will see the stipend applied to your student bill within 5-7 working days.

If this payment results in a credit balance on your account, you will be issued a refund in the amount of the credit.

What happens if I don't use COF?

If you do not apply for and/or authorize COF, you will be responsible for paying the full tuition, including the portion that would have been covered by the College Opportunity Fund.


Is there a limit to the amount I can receive?

Yes. Current regulations allow you to use up to 145 credit hours. If you reach the 145 credit hour limit, please contact the Office of the Registrar at 970-351-2231 to see about appealing for additional hours.


Additional Information

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