Change of Student Data

Application for admission to the University requires you to use your legal name as it is recorded with the Social Security Administration. The same is true for changing your name.

The University will require proof of that legal name change. The legal name is imperative at both the state and federal level reporting (i.e. financial aid, College Opportunity Fund, employment).

Name changes may be done by completing the Individual Data Change Form and submitting it with proper documentation.

Address changes for current students may be done through URSA, Financial Tab. Changes for former students may be made through the Individual Data Change Form.

Preferred Name Change

The University of Northern Colorado (UNC) is aware that many of its students use a first name other than their legal name. As part of being a welcoming and inclusive campus, UNC will implement changes to increase the use of the preferred first name in the course of UNC business and education.

Because use of a student’s legal first name will continue to be necessary in certain records and communications, both the legal first name and preferred first name (if desired) will be stored within UNC’s primary information systems. Implementation of the use of preferred names will be a process that occurs over time. When a student contacts a UNC office in person or by phone, the staff in that office may only have electronic access to the student’s legal first name.

As described in detail in the FAQs below, to initiate the process to include a preferred first name in a student record, the Individual Data Change form must be completed and submitted to the Registrar’s Office.

This policy statement may be modified or rescinded at the discretion of UNC.