The University operates on a 4.00 +/- grade point system, utilizing both letter grades and S/U grades.

The course syllabus contains important information regarding course requirements and the grading system utilized. It is your responsibility to read the syllabus and consult the instructor if you have any questions.

A “UW” indicates an unauthorized withdrawal and is assigned only when you never attended the class for which you enrolled. It is your responsibility to drop courses within the appropriate deadlines to avoid tuition charges.

A “W” indicates an approved withdrawal from the course and is assigned only when you have completed the official withdrawal process.

A “NR” is used for courses that have been granted approval for “NR” grading. The “NR” is assigned when the coursework requires longer than a semester to complete. The “NR” will be replaced by the appropriate grade when the work is completed. "NR" grades will roll to an "F" or "U" if not completed within one academic year of the initial grade assignment. Once "NR' grades have rolled to an unsatisfactory/failing grade, a grade change will not be permitted.

At the discretion of the instructor, a temporary grade of Incomplete "I" may be given if you demonstrate that you could not complete the requirements of the course due to circumstances beyond your control that were not reasonably foreseeable.

You must be passing the course at the time that an Incomplete is requested unless the instructor determines that there are extenuating circumstances to assign an Incomplete even if you are not passing the course.

When completing an Incomplete grade, do NOT register for the course a second time.

  • The instructor must submit to the department chair or school director, a written notice of the specific coursework to be completed before the final grade is determined as well as reasons for the Incomplete grade; a copy is kept in the school/department and one is provided to you.
  • If the course requirements are not completed after one year or at the end of the semester in which you graduate (whichever comes first) and the grade changed received in the Office of the Registrar, the grade will be recorded on the academic record as a failing or unsatisfactory grade. Once the incomplete grade(s) have rolled to failing/unsatisfactory, a grade change(s) will not be permitted.

For more information, please contact the Office of the Registrar at 970-351-2231 or email



Faculty must submit grades via the Web to the Office of the Registrar by 5 pm of the third working day after the end of a course.

Grade changes or corrections must be submitted within the first six weeks of the following term and must be approved and signed by the instructor and the Director/Department Chair. Spring term grade changes are also due the first six weeks of Summer term.

Grade change requests submitted after the six week period must be approved and signed by the instructor, the School Director/Department Chair and the Dean of the College (or designee).

Forms must be submitted by faculty/staff. Grade change request forms delivered by students will not be accepted.




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