Grade Replacement FAQ's

Effective Fall 2013

  • Who qualifies for the Grade Replacement Policy?
    • The policy applies to undergraduate students; graduate students do not qualify for Grade Replacement.
  • When does this start?
    • The policy goes into effect Fall 2013.
  • Do I need to submit a form to have the policy apply to a course I retake?
    • Yes, the Grade Replacement Application must be submitted to the Office of the Registrar after you have registered for the course but before the drop deadline of the course being repeated. One application is required for each course being repeated. Late applications will not be accepted. Once the drop deadline has passed, grade replacement applications may not be withdrawn.
  • Are there any limitations to the number of times a course can be repeated under Grade Replacement?
    • Yes. Beginning Fall 2013, Grade Replacement may be used once per course for a maximum of six (6) courses. These limits only apply to courses repeated Fall 2013 or later.
  • I took a course once, then took it a second time and used Grade Forgiveness. If I repeat it a third time, can Grade Replacement apply?
    • Yes. Under the previous Grade Forgiveness Policy, the first attempt of the course was removed from the calculation of your GPA. If you take the course a third time, the second attempt will also be removed from your GPA calculations if you submit the Grade Replacement Application.
  • Can I retake a course at another institution and have this policy apply? What about repeating a course at UNC that I originally took elsewhere?
    • No, this policy only applies to courses taken at UNC.
  • When will my GPA reflect the change due to grade replacement?
    • The grades will be removed from your GPA calculation after the new grade has been submitted at the end of the semester.
  • Do I have to retake a course the semester after I originally took it to have this policy be applied?
    • No, this policy will apply to any eligible course that you retake starting Fall 2013.
  • Can this apply to Fresh Start students?
    • Yes.