A Guide for Vendors


If you receive an email requesting a quote or an order from an email address other than the domain @unco.edu, the email is a scam! Many vendors reported receiving emails requesting a quote from an email address ending in @unco-edu.org. This is not a valid UNC email. Please disregard any emails purporting to be from UNC that do not come from the correct domain of @unco.edu. We are aware that vendors have received fraudulent purchase orders.  If you are unsure of the validity of any documents, please email the document in question to purchasing@unco.edu and we will confirm its authenticity. If you have any questions or concerns, please call 970-351-2287.


Purchasing Location:

Carter Hall, Room 1002

Mailing Address:
Purchasing Services
University of Northern Colorado
501 20th Street
Campus Box 61
Greeley, CO 80639

Welcome to The University of Northern Colorado Purchasing Services. The purpose of this document is to acquaint you with our policies and procedures and to assist you in establishing a business relationship with the University.

Enclosed you will find the Purchasing Department general procurement policies,and a guide to making the initial contact. Links have been established for your convenience.

The University is a large and complex organization. By following the enclosed guidelines you will save time, effort, and increase your opportunities of doing business with the University.

Thank you for your interest in the University. We sincerely hope that by working together we can indeed establish a mutually beneficial partnership with your company.

Cristal Swain
Director of Purchasing and Contracts


The University of Northern Colorado has partnered with BidNet as part of the Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing Group and will post their bid opportunities to this site.  As a vendor, you can register with the Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System and be sure that you see all available bids and opportunities. By selecting automatic bid notification, your company will receive emails once the University has a bid opportunity that matches your company's business. In addition, the site handles bid opportunities, RFPs, and RFQs for an additional 100+ member governmental agencies throughout Colorado.

The University looks forward to providing you with more bid information and simplifying the entire bid, proposal, and quote processes for everyone involved.  We appreciate your cooperation and welcome your participation.  If you need help registering, please call the Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System support department toll free 1-800-835-4603.

General Information

Procurement Policy

The Purchasing Office is the sole agency authorized to make commitments against University accounts for the procurement of goods and services.
Procurement Procedures

Helping You Succeed

The Purchasing staff is committed to helping all vendors have a mutually beneficial business relationship with the University. This can only be accomplished by working together.

The buying staff provides assistance to University departments by identifying qualified bidders, preparing bid documents and coordinating the bidding process.

The buying staff provides assistance to prospective vendors by sharing vendor information with departments, helping vendors understand University policies and bidding procedures, and the Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System, and resolving problems regarding the purchasing process.

Working with the Purchasing Office ensures that prospective vendors will have the greatest opportunity to succeed at doing business with the University. It is in the University's best interest to continually search for new sources and to foster new business relationships.

Parking Maps (online Parking Map) are available from Parking Services showing various parking and building locations. A Word Of Warning: Parking Services is very prompt at issuing tickets for expired meters or illegally parked cars. The Purhasing Office does not have access to any type of parking permits for vendors.

Making the Initial Contact

Although we have an open door policy at the University, we recommend that you call and schedule an appointment prior to visiting any Purchasing location. This will guarantee seeing a buyer and the buyer will be better prepared to learn about your company.

If you are contacted directly by a faculty or staff member, be sure they give you a purchase order number or a UNC Visa card number before you ship merchandise or perform services.

If services require labor on campus, up-to-date insurance certificates for general liability and worker's compensation must be on file in the Purchasing Office before work is performed. Insurance needs to show State of Colorado, c/o University of Northern Colorado as the certificate holder.

Quotations & Bids

It is University practice to seek competition whenever practical. This is accomplished by soliciting competitive quotations, bidding procedures, or through the request for proposal process. Orders above $10,000 are competitively bid. (See Bidding Requirements)

Decisions in awarding bids are based on a vendor's compliance with University specifications, price, delivery, service, terms and conditions, location or other relevant factors.

Purchase of Personal Services in excess of $25,000 requires bidding as well as a written contract which incorporates the State of Colorado Special Provisions.

A list of the University's open solicitations can be found here.

Insurance Requirements

The University requires vendors who perform services on the University of Northern Colorado campus to provide certificate(s) of insurance that meet the University's requirements and the completion of the "Contractor Insurance Compliance Statement" by the vendor's insurance company. These documents should be sent to the UNC Purchasing Office by e-mail to Mary.Jantz@unco.edu or fax to 970-351-1142.

Common Questions

How do I get on the Bid List?
Visit the Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System website and complete the vendor registration. You will receive an email confirmation upon successful completion.
What Paperwork Must I Complete?
Upon a vendor receiving the first contract award, an IRS W-9 form must be completed.
How Do I get Paid?
Vendors are to submit invoices directly to the Accounts Payable Department. Only invoices with valid purchase order numbers will be paid.
If you have any questions regarding the payment process, please contact the Accounts Payable Department.