Purchases $5,000 and under Purchases $5,001 - $9,999
Purchases over $10,000
Purchases over $150,000

Purchases With Additional Requirements


I am pleased to announce that UNC has a new contract for office supplies.  Through a formal solicitation process, UNC has selected Office Depot as the preferred office supply provider for our campus.  This contract not only provides great pricing with next day delivery, but also provides benefits to the University through rebate incentives on all purchases, a total of $75,000 in conversion incentive bonuses, and in-store discounts when utilizing your UNC VISA (in-store discounts will take effect on or before September 1, 2012).  Additionally, Office Depot has offered a discount program for personal purchases to students and staff. The contract with Office Depot includes up to 1,500 core items at any one time.  These items represent those with the deepest discount on our contract.

You will notice that you are unable to order any toner for your office equipment from Office Depot.  The decision was made to restrict toner purchases as we should be buying all of our toner through Bear Logic. 

Should you have any questions regarding this new contract, please feel free to contact me.


Cristal Swain
Executive Director of Purchasing and Contracts


UNC Office Depot Purchases Employee and Student Personal Office Depot Purchases
Toner for your UNC office devices must be purchased through Bear Logic. (They will also discount 10% for you.) Employees and students are eligible to receive a 10% discount off retail pricing! This discount excludes most technology items.
To obtain a Login Name and Password, please email your request to Cristal Swain. Toner for your personal purchases qualifies for the 10% off retail discount.
To obtain a catalog, stop by Carter Hall 1002 or email your request to Cristal. You will need a special discount card, or you'll need to register your credit card with Office Depot in order to receive the UNC employee/student discount.