Purchase Orders

Purchase Order


A Requisition form is used for purchases that cannot be made using a UNC Visa or Check Request, such as purchases over $5,000, standing orders, or restricted items. When the buyer in Purchasing processes your Requisition a "Regular Purchase Order" is printed. Additional instructions for Purchasing and Payment Procedures are available through the Purchasing Office.

For your convenience, an electronic pdf version of the Purchase Requisition form is now available. Complete the form and route for required signatures and approvals.

In all cases when a PO is necessary, the Number must be given to the company at the time the order is placed. Do not fax the Requisition to the company.

Questions often arise as to whether a Check Request (received from Accounts Payable) or a Requisition should be used. Accounts Payable has a list of the types of payments that a Check Request is used for.

 Getting the Requisition to Purchasing

You may send the completed and signed Requisition through campus mail, hand delivery, or the "Purchasing - Requisitions Only" routing status in Xtender. Once it has been received a buyer in Purchasing will complete the purchase order process.

Requisitions are used to initiate all types of Purchase Orders.

Standing Orders are set up in situations when multiple purchases/payments are going to be made from the same supplier over a period of time (or for the fiscal year). The total amount of money you expect to spend during the period of time is estimated. Standing orders for goods cannot exceed $10,000 unless they are based on a Bid Award or State Price Agreement.

Standing Orders can be transferred from the current fiscal year into the next by completing a Standing Order Transfer Form and forwarding it to UNC Purchasing.
Download in PDF or Word format.

Sole Source Justification

This form must accompany a purchase requisition when sole source approval is requested for equipment and supplies exceeding $10,000. Download in PDF or Word format.