Latest UNC Visa Card Updates

May 30, 2014


Due to upgrades/changes in the State of Colorado’s financial system, the deadlines for delivering UNC’s financial information to the State are changing. Beginning in July, the UNC Visa card billing cycle will change in order to accommodate the new State deadlines.
The UNC Visa billing cycle for July will be 6/26/14 – 7/20/14. All UNC Visa billing cycles thereafter will begin on the 21st day of each month and end on the 20th day of the following month (ex. – August billing cycle will be 7/21/14 – 8/20/14, September billing cycle will be 8/21/14 – 9/20/14, and so on).

Because the UNC Visa billing cycle is being moved back by five days, the reallocation deadline will also move back five days. Beginning in July, all UNC Visa transactions will need to be reallocated by the end of the day on the last day of each month.

Quarterly review deadlines will not change.


June 7, 2012


The close of Fiscal Year 12 brings several deadlines that reallocators and Business Managers need to take action on. Please see the main page of Financial Services for all deadlines relevant to the close, and pay particular attention to Wed. 6/20, Mon. 6/25, Thu. 7/5 and Tue. 7/10. All reallocations must be completed by the end of the day Thursday, July 5, 2012. The Independence Day holiday (and vacation plans or staff in your area of responsibility) may have an impact on your efforts to reallocate. Plan early to complete the necessary processes. Contact Alta Herndon at 351-1612 or if you're unable to meet that deadline.


December 6, 2011


Due to the deadline given by the State to our Controller for uploading the University's quarterly financials into the State's financial system, we must upload all UNC Visa transactions into Banner at 7am on Wednesday, Jan. 5, 2012. Regretfully, this means that all reallocations must be completed by the end of the day Tuesday, January 4, 2012.

If you reallocate your own transactions or transactions for others, we strongly encourage you to begin those reallocations online in the Wells Fargo system as transactions post during the 11/26/11-12/25/11 billing cycle. Even if you have not yet received receipts from cardholders or from vendors, you may still reallocate transactions if you know the correct FOAP for the transactions.

If you are a cardholder, please try to get your receipts to your reallocator
before leaving campus!


October 25, 2011

Attempted fraud has increased in recent weeks. If you receive emails asking you to click on a link or open an attached file to enter personal or card-related information, the email is fraudulent. Wells Fargo does not provide links or attachments in email messages related to your UNC Visa, and will only relay such information to you through your UNC Program Administrator. Likewise, recorded phone messages that leave a number for you to call in order to provide personal or card-related information are also fraud attempts. If you are unsure about a message you have received, please contact Alta Herndon, 351-1612,