General Information about the UNC Visa Card

  • The University of Northern Colorado has negotiated for this card program. The card is VISA, Wells Fargo Bank issues the cards and is UNC's card servicer.
  • There is no annual fee. VISA and Wells Fargo make their money from a fee charged to the merchant. Vendors accept credit cards because they get paid within three days and do not bear the risk of bad checks or unpaid accounts receivable.
  • This VISA card can be configured to serve as a purchasing card, a travel card, or a combination purchase/travel card. How each card is configured is determined by each cardholder's department or College.
  • The card can be used for both in-store purchases as well as phone, mail, Internet, or fax orders. Each card is tailored to your purchasing needs to help minimize declined transactions as well as to minimize the potential for abuse should your card be lost or stolen. Unlike personal credit cards, the UNC Visa card is handled as a corporate liability. Your personal credit history has not been taken into account when a card has been issued in your name. While the card may be in your name, it is the property of the University of Northern Colorado and has no bearing on your personal credit.
  • The University of Northern Colorado is responsible for paying the card program invoice each month. The card may be used at any merchant that accepts VISA throughout the U.S.A. and internationally.