Frequently Asked Questions

If you have specific question regarding payments please contact the appropriate Accounts Payable Staff.

The original Requisition didn't include enough money.
If it is less than 10%, Accounts Payable can just pay -- if it is more than 10% it needs approval from Purchasing.
My standing order has run out of money.
Email Purchasing asking for an increase to the PO -- the email will need the approval of an authorized signatory on the FOAP that is being increased. Please note that if the standing purchase order is not on a Bid or State Contract it cannot exceed the amount required to bid.
The original Requisition asked for too much money.
1. Email Purchasing asking for the funds to be decreased on the PO; or...
2. When the final invoice is submitted to A/P write "Final Invoice" on it so they will know to close the order and release any excess funds.
I need to make a change on a Regular PO.
Email Purchasing stating the changes that need to be made. Indicate in your email whether a copy of the changes should be sent to the supplier. The email needs the approval of an authorized signatory on the FOAP that is being increased/decreased.
I need to cancel a Regular PO
Email Purchasing stating the PO number and Vendor Name with instructions to cancel the order. Indicate in the email the reason for canceling PO. Purchase Orders must be canceled with the supplier; indicate date and name of salesperson you talked to.
What's the easiest way to "transfer" a Standing Order from the current fiscal year into the next fiscal year?
Complete a Standing Order Transfer Form and forward to UNC Purchasing:
Download in PDF or Word format.
I have questions regarding printing and printing services.
Contact University Relations for all printing information.
I have questions regarding travel and travel reimbursements.
Go to the Accounts Payable Travel Site or contact Trina Crosby.
If a vendor calls wondering why they haven't been paid, what should they do?
Contact the Accounts Payable Department.
If I'm uncertain about a procedure...
Contact the Purchasing Office for questions regarding the purchase of materials and services or anytime you need guidance. It's always best to check before, not after, when uncertain about a procedure.
Our office is contemplating purchasing a coffee maker, microwave, and refrigerator for office use.
University funds are not to be used for the purchase of any type of appliances for use by State employees.
Is it permissible to purchase gifts or flowers from University funds for University employees for illness or congratulatory messages?
No -- The President's Office recognizes events, as appropriate.
Is it all right to use University property for personal use?
Can University funds be used to purchase and/or mail Christmas cards or other personal greetings.