Bidding Requirements

For Purchases Up to $10,000

There are no bidding requirements, but you are encouraged to obtain good pricing. You are encouraged to use State or University contracts when available and are required to use if it is a mandatory contract.

For Purchases From $10,000 to $150,000

Quotations must be solicited by the buyer in Purchasing through the Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System. To start the Bid process send a memo or requisition and specifications to Purchasing (call the buyer in Purchasing if you have questions or need help). The bid invitation will be issued through the Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System and registered vendors will be notified. Solicitation time on documented quotes is a minimum of 3-4 business days.

Writing Specifications

The goal of the Bid process is to obtain the best possible quality as well as price. The quality of the purchased item or service stems directly from how well the specifications have been written. Buyers are trained in this area and are glad to be of assistance.

Remember that the specifications must describe everything you want to use to evaluate the quotations including things such as delivery time).

Awarding the Order

We are governed by the State Procurement Code and must select the "lowest responsive and responsible offer." You are not required to accept the lowest bid if it does not meet your specifications. If this is the case you would document what specifications were not met and then accept the next lowest offer that meets all specifications. Approval from the Buyer and the issuance of a Purchase Order are required prior to placing an order based on a bid.

For Purchases $150,000 and HIGHER

Bids must be solicited by the buyer in Purchasing through the Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System. Criteria is same as in the previous section except bids have to be announced for two weeks and possibly longer depending on how long the companies need to be given to prepare their response. Please contact Purchasing as soon as possible when such purchases will be necessary.

Purchases of Personal Services in excess of $50,000 require a written contract which incorporates the State of Colorado Special Provisions, in addition to going through the bid process.

Exceptions To The Bidding Process

Sole Source

When there is only one source from which to purchase an item or service, bidding may not be required. The department needs to fill out a Sole Source Justification (Download in PDF or Word Format) and have it approved by the Director of Purchasing. If the buyer is aware of additional sources, bids must be obtained.

Orders Based on Recent Bids

If the item/service was bid previously and one of the two following situations occurred, then you may reference the Bid Number on your Requisition and new bids will not need to be solicited:

  • The prior bid included a renewal clause; or
  • The prior bid was solicited within one year and the vendor will still honor the bid price.

Exempted Items

Some items/services are not subject to bidding requirements for a variety of reasons. The buyers are your best source of information. A listing of some examples follow (There may be exceptions to these examples. Be sure to coordinate with the buyer early in the process.)

  • Meals
  • Most design services (not including printing)
  • Lodging
  • Unique pieces of art
  • Royalty Fees

Request For Proposals (RFP)

The Request for Proposal (RFP) process is used to purchase complex products and/or services when price is not the only factor to be considered in the evaluation criteria. The RFP process involves writing an RFP document which clearly outlines everything a potential supplier would need to know to respond with a viable proposal. Call Purchasing when you feel you have the need to use this process.

When the evaluation committee recommends award, the RFP Award Letter should be completed and sent to UNC Purchasing with the evaluation forms.

A small group of individuals from your department should be selected to assist in writing the RFP and evaluating the proposal responses. These individuals need to complete the Statement of No Conflict of Interest prior to proposal review. Evaluation of proposals is more complex than evaluation of bids since many factors other than price must be considered. The RFP lists, in relative order or importance, the criteria that will be used to evaluate the proposal. These criteria can not be altered in any way once the proposals are received.

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