Travel Requirements

These requirements apply to all in-state overnight travel, all out-of-state travel and all international travel for University business. They apply regardless of funding source, including personal funds.
CONUS: The continental United States, including the District of Columbia
Out-of-State Travel: Travel outside of the state of Colorado either within CONUS or in Alaska, Canada, Hawaii, Mexico
International Travel: Travel to any destination not within the State of Colorado or within the definition of out-of-state travel
UNC Visa Card: Mandated method of travel expense payment
Accountable Plan: IRS guideline - nontaxable reimbursement to traveler
Non-accountable Plan: IRS guideline - taxable reimbursement to traveler
Employee and non-employee travel is a sensitive area of expenditure that is scrutinized by state agencies, the Colorado legislature and the public. All UNC travel should be made with the highest level of integrity and all expenditures – whether state appropriated, grant, auxiliary or other funds for which UNC is accountable – should be made in compliance with the letter and spirit of these requirements as well as other UNC policies and instructions.

Basic Travel Requirements

Travel Authorization
A Travel Authorization (TA) form must be completed prior to travel. The form can now be completed and approved by routing it electronically via Xtender to the applicable fund/org approvers. OSP and Provost award letters must be attached to the TA, which will eliminate signatures on the form for those funds/orgs.

The Provost has authorized Deans/Directors to sign for in-state and out-of-state travel for their areas. International travel for all areas requires pre-approval by the Provost. Departments reporting to Finance and Administration shall obtain pre-approval for overnight, out-of-state and international travel.

Each College or area may have its own travel policy or procedure that may be more restrictive. Check with the Business Manager in your area for updated policies.

If travel is being made as a UNC representative at all levels of employment, in the furtherance of UNC’s mission or goals, or otherwise under the backing of UNC, a Travel Authorization must be completed, regardless of whether the cost of the travel is being covered by UNC. The purpose of this requirement is both to provide protection to the traveler (documentation for workers compensation and insurance purposes) and to ensure that UNC is appropriately documenting travel.

Airline reservations should NOT be made until all TA approvals are in place.

Airfare, car rental, lodging, conference registration, parking, and ground transportation should be charged to the UNC Visa card. Travelers are required to use the least expensive mode of transportation. If shuttles are offered from the airport to a hotel, this is the form of transportation that shall be used. Rental cars may be rented if necessary to carry out University business. The UNC Visa card provides CDW/LDW insurance. All other insurance shall be waived.