UNC Travel Procedures

Please read first: Travel Requirements: Things to know before you travel

Disclaimer: Due to the vast amount of guidelines and regulations from the IRS, State, and University, not all the guidelines and regulations are posted on the UNC travel website. Each department or grants may impose their own procedures that may be stricter than the IRS, State, or University rules. For further information or clarification, please contact the Accounts Payable Office.

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Travel is a sensitive area of expenditure that is scrutinized by state agencies, the Colorado legislature and the public. All UNC travel should be made with the highest level of integrity and all expenditures – whether state appropriated, grant, auxiliary or other funds for which UNC is accountable – should be made in compliance with the letter and spirit of these requirements as well as other UNC policies and instructions.

University Fiscal Guidelines

Travel charged to the University, regardless of the funding source, shall be for the benefit of the University and completed using the most economical means available which will satisfactorily accomplish the University's business.