Official and Employee Training Function Request Form

Approval Levels for Official Functions

Instructions for the Preparation of the President's Multiple Official
and Employee Training Function Request Form

Approval of the form should be done prior to the period beginning, and individual responses should be included at the time of the function on a separate sheet with the related original receipts attached. This procedure applies only to the President.

  1. Enter the date the form is prepared.
  2. Enter the anticipated dates of the functions, i.e., "Jan. 1, 20xx through March 31, 20xx, or Spring Semester 20xx".
  3. Enter the President's name or the University employee who will be reimbursed for these functions.
  4. Enter the phone number where the host can be reached if there is a question about the function.
  5. Enter the name of the department holding the function.
  6. Give a brief description of anticipated functions to be held during this period.
  7. Describe briefly the purposes of these functions.
  8. Give the anticipated locations of the functions, i.e., "local restaurants, President's House, various". Please identify the specific location of each function on the separate sheet with the original receipts when the function is held.
  9. Enter an estimated number of people attending the functions.
  10. Give the FOAPAL to be charged for the functions.
  11. Give the estimated total cost for the anticipated functions that will be held during the period.
  12. List the University employees, other than the host, that attend the functions on a separate sheet with the original receipts at the time of the function.
  13. List the guests that attended the function on the same sheet as the host, University employees, and other information. The guests can be generalized, for example interested students or various alumni.
  14. The person authorized on the FOAPAL to be charged must sign the request.
  15. A person authorized to approve Official Functions must sign also. (See Approval levels below.)

Approval Levels

This Official Function form for the President's official functions should be approved by the Vice President of Administration prior to the beginning of the period covered.

Payment Procedures

Expenses for Official and Employee Training Functions will be paid by an Intramural Order (IMO) when goods and services are obtained from within the University. If costs are incurred outside the University a Check/ACH Request form or Purchase Order (PO) may be used. Original detailed receipts or invoices should be attached along with the original Official and Employee Training Function Request. Receipts from restaurants or hotels must be the detailed ticket rather than a ticket stub or credit card receipt. When an official or training function is conducted while an individual is on travel status, the related costs can be claimed on the Travel Expense Sheet.