How to Complete the Independent Contractor Agreement

Download the Independent Contractor Agreement

The independent contractor form is intended to apply to “guest speakers, consultants, and personal service providers” where payment does not exceed $25,000. This form is not legally sufficient for consultants who’s selection is governed by section 24-30-1401, et. Seq., Colorado Revised Statutes.

  1. Fill in the date the agreement is being made.
  2. Fill in the name and address of the contractor, as it should appear on the check and the 1099 tax form.
  3. Complete the performance section giving a complete a description of the service(s) to be provided.
  4. Indicate where the services will be performed. If any services will be performed outside of Colorado or the United States, please attach the Vendor Disclosure Statement.
  5. Note the beginning and ending dates of service.
  6. Indicate the dates and description of deliverables. Be specific. Do not use “Contractors Choice” (or similar terms) for the above information.
  7. Note the contract amount and documentation of fair pricing if needed.
  8. Indicate the specific payment dates and payment amounts.
  9. Enter the FOAP(A) to be charged.
  10. Enter the department name responsible for the contract.
  11. The person authorized on the FOAP(A) should sign and date the proper line.
  12. The contractor should sign and date the proper line and include address and phone number.
  13. Have the contractor complete form W-9 and attach to the contract. CAUTION: Contracts with Non-Resident Aliens, i.e., individuals who are not citizens of the US, will require additional IRS forms to be completed before payment can be made.
  14. Send the completed, signed contract and attachments to Accounts Payable BEFORE THE CONTRACTOR BEGINS WORK. Accounts Payable will obtain signatures from the Grants and Human Resources departments and approval from the State Controller designee.

After the contract is approved, it will be returned to the department. When service is complete or payments are required, the person authorized on the FOAP(A) will sign and date on the appropriate line, attach the Check/ACH Request, and submit the completed and approved documents to the Accounts Payable Office.

This agreement may be adapted only with respect to description of services, delivery locations, delivery/performance times and dates, price and payment terms (including reasonable cancellation fees in the case of entertainment/speaker engagements), and insurance requirements. Descriptions may be attached where the space is inadequate on the form. Other specially drafted provisions, or any other additions to or revisions of the Conditions and Special Provisions, require State Controller approval (and legal review), regardless of the agreement value.

Questions should be directed to Terri Thomas, Accounts Payable Office, 351-1836.