How to Complete a Standard Services Invoice (SSI)

The SSI form is intended to apply to “guest speakers, consultants, and personal service providers” where payment is less than $5,000.

Download the SSI Form

Criteria for Use

The following criteria must be met in order to use the SSI document; otherwise an Independent Contractor Form must be used.

  • The services performed were less than $5,000 in total for the entire project.
  • The services performed were by an individual (not a partnership, corporation, or other organization).

Completing the Form

  1. Fill in the following:
    • Contractor Name and Bear Number (if already assigned)
    • Service beginning and ending dates
    • Type of service performed
    • Place service was provided
    • Section A - Payment for Services (if applicable)
    • Section B - Reimbursements (if applicable)
  2. Check the box that applies (mail to provider, Dept will pick up check or direct deposit).
  3. The person authorized on the FOAP(A) should sign and date the proper line.
  4. Have the service provider complete, sign and date the Service Provider Information (Page 2).
  5. Complete the Verification of Non-Employee Status information (Page 3).
  6. Have the contractor complete form W-9 and attach to the contract. CAUTION: Contracts with Non-Resident Aliens, i.e., individuals who are not citizens of the US, will require additional IRS forms to be completed before payments can be made.
  7. Send the SSI and W-9 to Accounts Payable for payment. Documents should be submitted for payment after the services are complete unless the Department will deliver the check to the service provider upon completion of the work.

Questions should be directed to Trina Crosby, Accounts Payable Office, 351-2387.