How to Complete the Personal Services Classification Analysis

The Personal Services Classification Analysis is a series of 20 questions designed to assist you in determining whether the individual you will be paying for services will be acting in the capacity of an employee vs. an independent contractor.

For a copy of the form and a detailed definition of each question see Instructions for Preparing the Personal Services Classification Analysis.

The 20 questions on this analysis are taken from the Social Security Administration internal procedures manual. They are general guidelines intended to aid in classifying workers as employees or independent contractors and are not intended to compel a particular conclusion. 

The weight given to these factors is not always constant.  Their degree of importance may vary somewhat depending on the work being performed. 

Some of the questions will not apply to particular services.  Judgment and discretion should be used in applying these guidelines. 

When completing the Personal Services Classification Analysis, indicate the contractor's name on the first page. Page two is to be signed by the project director, department head or Dean.